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Pictures Of Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have pictures of a cake decorated in a garden theme?

    I am looking for ideas as to how to decorate a slab cake with a garden scene, or plan of a garden, ie. walkway, flower garden, veggie garden. Any cake decorators out there who can help me with a picture or two???

  2. What flowers should I plant in a small backyard?

    This is the first time that I've ever had my own house to decorate, and I'm really excited to plant flowers/garden, etc. However, my backyard is really small. Any ideas of how I can have pretty flowers in my backyard but still have enough room to have people over for a barbecue?

  3. I trying to find pictures of rock/flower center pieces to accent the front lawn?

    We are removing our current lawn(front yard) and we want to show a beautiful center peice, such as, a rock/flower center piece garden, with grass. The backyard will be golf turf for my husband to use for putting his golf balls.

  4. Does anyone have cute picture ideas i can take of myself or outside ?

    I am a person who enjoys taking pictures... I have no one to take pictures of me though. I am wondering if any one knows cute picture ideas I can take of myself or outdoors. Anything will be greatly appreciated. I enjoy taking pictures does anyone have cute ideas for poses or cute picture ideas. Anything is helpful I need new pictures.

  5. Any ideas on how to serve community service?

    I've reasently been inducted into the national honor society at my high school. As a membership requirement we have to serve a minimun of 12 hours community service each semester. The problem is, I have no idea what kinds of things to do!! Baby sitting and church projects don't count. Plese help me come up with ideas. When ever I think of community service I think of picking up trash by the side of the road in a bright orange jump suit and having all the cars driving by and laughing at the teenage screw up. I really, really don't want to do that. Does anyone have any fun ideas about what type of community service projects I could do?

  6. What is a good vegtable or flower to plant with my 7 year old daughter?

    My 7 year old daughter wants to plant a garden. I have never planted anything. What should we start out with? Can we start this in the Spring?

  7. i am trying to identify a weed or flower in the garden?

    i have just found this plant in the garden. it has red like claws growing from a green like stem and the roots look like that they are growing out of a soft style egg shell? it is really strange as we havnt planted anything. we are just wanting to know if its poisoness and what we should do about it? there is two plants growing at this time.. thankyou to anyone that can help.

  8. what would be some ideas for domestic and vocational skills training for a first grader?

    My daughter is 6 and in the first grade.Any ideas that are simple?Thanks.

  9. Does anyone know of any good websites for generating short story ideas?

    And don't tell me that if I can't think of my own ideas, I shouldn't be writing, please. . . . .

  10. Recommend some flowers and plants for my garden?

    I am new at this flower bed stuff and i dont know my flowers and plants very well. I love doing it but i need some information on different types of plants that grow well in arkansas. Please let me know what plant you like and describe it to me or send picture. Just trying to get ideas for my own gardens. I love gardening and tropical type plants, but i like all flowers really.

  11. what plants should i use together to make a container garden?

    i have 2 large pots full of dirt in the front of my house and i need to plant them with something!! only i have no idea what i am doing. i want to plant them with a mixture of plants but don't know which plants to use. i went to the nursery and my head exploded. thanks for the help.

  12. How do I get back forgotten ideas?

    Along time ago. I had these great ideas.But after years of focus on one big subject,arrogance and not writing stuff down. I forgot the ideas. They were so awesome. I used to be so creative what happened?

  13. Tomato plants have a bronze scaling on the leaves - any ideas what has caused it?

    I planted them out last week after hardening them off for two weeks - the flowers/fruit seem to be fine but I noticed a bronze type scaling on virtually all the leaves today, they also look a little wilted :( Is it serious? I will be totally gutted to lose them!