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Free Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find a nice tulip gardening kit for my stepmom?

    Mother's Day is coming up and I once got my stepmother a nice kit with pots and seeds to grow her own flowers, preferably tulips as they are her favorite. I cannot recall where I purchased this and cannot find anything alike on the usual flower websites. Any other gardening gift ideas would be appreciated as well.

  2. Best Bulbs to plant for novice in Texas?

    Need super easy to grow and almost maintenance free flowers. I'm thinking of planting blubs. My circumstances are as follows: 1. I'm in hot, central Texas (Austin). 2. I have no experience and little time to "play" in a garden. 3. My space is approximately 12 feet x 5 feet. 4. It gets only mid-day sun (about 4 hours). 5. Probably best if it was a medium height plant. Any wonderful ideas to help?

  3. Can I plant flowers for a garden so late in the season?

    If so, what types are recommended? I live in NYC. So I guess my climate zone is 6-7. I have a small area in front of my house (12 feet by 2 feet) and would love some color. Also, I'm a novice at gardening. What type of tools would i need and where should I start? ALso, I heard that I need to add new soil to the existing soil...is that true? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. How can I save money toward a wedding and any inexpensive ideas?

    I have been engaged for a long time and want to have a wedding! I want it outdoors, and have some basic ideas. However, we are not financially well-off (nor is either family) and have a hard time saving money. Any ideas how to save, cut costs with photography, reception food, catering, etc. I appreciate any advice. What did you do for your thrifty outdoor wedding?

  5. How can you make flower pots out of shredded paper?

    I have bales of shredded paper and looking to set up a business to make flower pots out of the shredded papers. Or anything else I can use the shredded paper for. Papermills are over stocked with recycled paper and are not taking in any paper at this time.

  6. Any helpful ideas what to do about cats defecating in my garden?

    I can't get a cat of my own because I'm allergic to them but I have a garden full of cat poo and its really disgusting having to clear it up all the time and its only a matter of time before one of my kids falls over into it. Anyone have any tried and tested methods of deterring cats from choosing my garden as their toilet?

  7. How can I start a community garden?

    I have a large lot where I am demolishing the building on it.I would like to make the area into a large community garden area.I have the plan on how to make it look but I do not know how to get started.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Where do I need to know when planting flowers?

    I live in the inner city and my yard is just ugly. I want to add a little more curb appeal to it with flowers. But I have no clue about planting flowers cause city girls just don't play in the dirt like that. So please help me out if you know about this type of stuff. I would really appreciate it. :-) thanks in advance.

  9. Any ideas for crafts for the elderly to do for Father's Day?

    I volunteer at an Adult Day Care. I need ideas for crafts the residents can do. I have very limited supplies and there are more men than women. It is hard to come up with ideas because we are limited on supplies and money. We have magazines, bingo, constuction paper and maybe more. If anyone can come up with something esp for Father's Day I would be so grateful, thank you!

  10. how can i improve the appearance of my front garden?

    its a basic square lawn with soil roung the edge.the problem is the soil is really hard. any suggestions with what i can do to it or cover it with? as the soil makes the garden look like its got that "neglected" look.

  11. How can I kill the wild onions in my flower beds?

    I put the black weed blocking material down thouroghly and then mulched deeply. I keep spraying these things with Round-up and it doesnt even bother them. How can they grow through the wedd material? I was sure to cover all holes before mulching. Any Ideas? I cant pull them up or dig them up or I will tear the material.

  12. Does anyone have any creative ideas about teaching colors to preschoolers?

    I created myself a special project at my school. There is a couple of children in one of our preschool classes that are having trouble with their colors and if they don't know so many at the end of the year they cannot graduate out of preschool. So, my main question is, is that does anyone have any fun creative ideas on how I can approach this without totally boring the kids to death, and just keep repeating the colors over and over again.