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Small Flower Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Any good gardening books you could recommend?

    I bought my first house in Maine, and would like to make a few flower gardens around the house. Since I have no idea how or where to start, does anybody know of a good book (or two!) that would be helpful for a beginning gardener? I've looked online, but there are so many to choose from!

  2. Where can I go to learn step by step gardening?

    I am trying to start a flower garden but have no idea how to do it. Is there a web site that I can go on to learn? No home depot was no help.

  3. Any ideas of how to get rid of tons of underground bees?

    My front flower garden at this new house has holes around it, and bees constantly fly in there. It's pretty clear they have an underground nest there. I need to dig up the flower bed so I can make some changes, but obviously I need to get rid of the bees first before I start digging and stirring them up. I've tried putting rags in the holes doused with gasoline, then tried bleach rags as well. This has not worked. Anyone have other ideas? (i've also tried the hardware store spray-bee killer-but I can't get deep enough in the nest for all of them to be affected. ) Any help is appreciated!!! PSF-11- Yeah, they are Yellow Jackets.

  4. What can a put on grass to kill it but not harm my flowers?

    I have grass growing like crazy in my flower garden they are thriving and doing so well. Unfortunately the grass is going crazy as well. What can I put on the grass to get rid of it but not harm my flowers?

  5. Gardening in a concrete yard?

    I have moved into an apartment with a concrete backyard. I'm not allowed to rip up the concrete. Can i still put topsoil over the concrete for small flowers and shrubs? Any ideas on how to creatively go beyond sinple potted plants? Thanks!

  6. Looking for suggestions for a flower garden in Minnesota?

    I want to put a flower garden in the yard in front of my house, but I'm not sure what I would be able to use. Since that side of the house faces the west, it doesn't get sunlight until the afternoon. I've looked around at a few different green houses to get some ideas, but all I find is plants that require full sun. I would like to get flowers or small shrubs or maybe even some climbing flowers. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

  7. Suggestions on flowers in flower garden?

    I have decided that I would like to start my own flower garden for beauty as well as to put together bouquets and give them to people and sell them. Here are the flowers I have decided I would like to put in the garden. 1. Lilies 2. Gladiolus 3. Roses 4. White daisies 5. Sun daisies 6. Maybe carnations 7. Maybe sunflowers Does anyone have any suggestions to add to my list that are popular, beautiful flowers that you would buy? Thanks in advance.

  8. Ideas for decoration a small flower arrangement?

    I'm entering a small flower arrangement in the fair this year. It's only going to be five flowers, with some filler and greenery. I'm going to be using red and white carnations, with babies breath and leather leaf. The arrangment can't be any higher then 5 1/2 or wider then 5 1/2 inches. I was thinking of putting marbles, or fish tank rocks at the bottom, and tie a bow for decoration, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas to decorate?

  9. What gift can i make for my dad for fathers day?

    hi well i want to make something special for my dad for fathers day, i want to do this because he likes home made things and crafts. well im 18 and i can also get my mom to help me. he is really into cooking, flowers, gardening and doing yard work. he loves being outside and he likes animals alot also. he is 55 years old now. does any have some interesting ideas on what i could make for him?

  10. What can I grow on my window sill that is small and requires little daily sunlight?

    I am looking for easy to grow, small, plants, herb, or flowers on a window sill. I live in Northern California with great weather and the window sill is west facing with about 5 to 7 hours of direct sunlight tops(depending on season). The window sill is only 4 inches wide so a big plant is unrealistic. Something in very small containers (like the ones that most seedlings come from the nursery) is what I am looking for. Any suggestions?