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Small Garden Ideas Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Would it be cheaper to turf a small garden or just concrete over it?

    The garden is basically like an ex building site so to turf it would require a lot of top soil as well which is why I thought concrete may be the better option. The garden is approx 15 sq ft. sorry i meant 15 sq/m or possibly 20 sq/m (Its a odd shaped garden, its basically two triangles joined).

  2. I have a small sloping garden - what is the cheapest way to make nice for a family?

    It measures 5.6m by 15m long and slopes downwards. I'd like an alloment and a play area, some grass and a paio a the front near the house - any ideas?

  3. how to do a garden and small pond in a small front yard?

    I just bought a home and I've always wanted a garden and a pond so I was wondering if anyone have photos or ideas they can share with me.

  4. How can I create a Japanese Zen rock garden in the small balcony of my apartment?

    Nothing elaborate or high maintainance. Just something that brings nature and tranquility into my home. Our balconies are actually pretty small, so nothing that occupies too much space.

  5. What are some ideas for recyclable crafts?

    What are some ideas for easy, medium, or hard crafts made out of recyclable crafts? For example, I once made a snow globe out of a baby food jar, a small object, water, and glitter. I don't want to have to buy anything such as those Crayola Crayon Makers. Ideas?

  6. Do you have some pointers on how to easily start an indoor "garden" for someone in a nursing home?

    My neighbor, who always worked outside in his yard, is now confined to a dementia ward in the local nursing home. He still responds to plants, trees, leaves etc. I did take him some bare branches in water off my corkscrew willow tree which have now leafed out and he likes that. What else can I do? I'm thinking of taking small pots full of potting soil and helping him start seeds, (coleus comes to mind as they could be transplanted and used as houseplants.) Do you have any other ideas? Obviously we are limited on space (there is a large windowsill in his room). Could we grow any vegetables? Thank you for any suggestions.

  7. Fund-raising ideas for newly formed (small) village association - please!?

    Looking for ideas - not big or expensive - to raise funds to start up this group. We have no funds yet, no village hall and just a handful of volunteers, but we are keen to get this off the ground! Any ideas welcome, thanks. p.s. Thanks for all your answers. We are in Scotland. We are trying to get the speed limit through our village reduced, so car related ideas (even good ones!) are probably not appropriate. We need the money to cover the costs of starting up the association, printing leaflets, etc. Then onwards from there....

  8. Question about planting fall bulbs and what other plants go with them?

    I need some ideas because I'm not creative and busy with kids. Right now nothing is planted along the side of our house. I'd like to plant some fall bulbs that appear in the spring but I don't know what other plants can grow with them, once the spring flowers die its so ugly! I need something else to appear or always be there after they die, ya know? Hostas I thought would maybe get too big and eventually cover the spring flowers.???

  9. Any ideas for decorating a teen bedroom on a budget using the colors blue and brown?

    My room has this comforter in it http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Microfiber-Stripe-Reversible-3-piece-Comforter-Set/3442836/product.html and my walls are a light shade of blue. My room is also pretty small. I need some ideas for decorating my room, I really don't know what to put on the walls. Any ideas?

  10. What can i do for my 15th birthday party? Any ideas what did you do?

    My birthday was earlier this year but we had our exams then so my mum said i could have a summer party instead (i'm 15) now i can't think of anything to do.. I'm not really one for throw a massive bash - although my mum said she dosen't mind paying a fair amount of money as i havent had a party in a few years - i'm going to invite 8 other people any ideas? -We don't have a pool -Lol rent a hotel room out - why?

  11. What model train set/accessories are good for beginners?

    My husband has always been fascinated by model trains and the miniature models that go along with them. I thought it would be a great present, but have no idea how to get started or how much money I would be spending. He would enjoy putting together the towns/scenes/or whatever they're called, and he is good at the painting and detailing aspect. I guess I'm asking for as much info as you want to give. Thanks!

  12. How much should we expect to spend?

    So my three of my friends and I are planning to spend two weeks in Florida over the summer in honor of graduation. We'd be going to Disney World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, and SeaWorld (if it's open =/). Ignoring the cost of tickets and a hotel room, how much a day could one reasonably expect to spend a day, if you didn't go all out and only bought like, one or two gifts a park?