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Wedding Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Indoor Garden theme wedding decorations help please?

    I am planning a garden theme wedding for July of 2009. I am struggling because I am doing an indoor wedding reception and don't know a good way to decorate and need some ideas. I was thinking something like bubble bowls filled with flowers, but I'm concerned that will be too plain... I need ideas for center peices and other decoration ideas as well.

  2. Beautiful tea party wedding decoration ideas?

    I've got so many ideas and there are so many options for decorating. Have you seen anything that particularly stood out to you? The reception food at our wedding is in a marquee and the ceremony is in a large room with dark wood floors cream walls and an old fashioned fireplace. The wedding isn't super formal but not mega casual either and it's a summer wedding. It's not exactly themed but it's kind of old english garden tea party style. I'd like things that aren't too expensive or that I could maybe make myself any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  3. What is the average amount people spend on their wedding decorations?

    I have to do a report for my sociology class, and I have a marraige partner and everything. and i have the cost for my dress and rings and all that, and now im doing the decorations. i have no idea how much i should go about spending on all them. how much have you people who are married spent for the total on decorations?

  4. Does anyone have any good ideas for a backyard tree themed wedding?

    We need ideas for the cake, decorations, and center pieces. Our colors are green and purple. Could I also use butterflies and dragonflies, or would that get to busy?

  5. Any ideas for an 80th birthday party celebration?

    I need help on gift ideas, and unique decorating, etc. It's my mom's birthday and we have rented a room at a resturant. What do you thonk of pictures of my mom during different satges - little girl, teen, wedding, etc? Thanks for all answers.

  6. I am newly engaged and want to know how I can plan an elegant stress-free wedding?

    I have so many ideas and things that I want to do, but I want to be able to keep friends and relationships. I am getting married in Atlanta and just want some tips in whatever area. Decorations, planning, flowers, BM dresses, GM suits, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.

  7. What is the cheapest way to self cater a wedding?

    My fiance and I are getting married in September of 2009 and we do not have a very big budget. We were able to cut a lot of costs on everything except for catering. Any ideas?

  8. What are some table decoration ideas?

    I've got centrepieces on the table but thought it'd be nice to have something else scattered on the tables. It's a garden wedding with a teal green theme. Does anyone have any suggestions for things we could easily source and scatter on the tables?

  9. Wedding cake for a mexican wedding?

    Looking for decoration ideas for the cake I am to make for my brother's reception. They are getting married in Cancun and the reception theme is following that theme. Thanks!

  10. Where can I get traditional wooden kegs to use for a celtic wedding?

    I've found a few places online- but their very overpriced, once you add in shipping. I'm looking for stores (preferably in OH, PA, or NY) or wineries that would sell old barrels/kegs. Any ideas?

  11. Easy to grow flowers in the Midwest?

    My mom wants to grow the flowers for my wedding decorations and bouquets to save money, which I think is a great idea. My question is, what flowers would be our best bet? We live in southern Ohio and the wedding is a couple years off, so we have time to experiment. I'm not sure on colors yet, but I'm playing with blue, green, yellow, white, and purple. Any ideas? Oops, sorry. Don't have a date yet either, but sometime between late may and july.

  12. How to have a really cheap wedding?

    Me and my partner of nearly 4 years are planning to get married either next year or next any ideas on how to do this cheaply i mean under £1000 please no nasty comments, the marriage is more important to us then the wedding i already know where i can get a pretty cake (marks and spencers ) and a lovely dress that i can pay for weekly (little woods) i am mainly struggling on the reception does anyone know where i can get cheap decorations, centre pieces flowers etc thank you for all of your help. I'm in the UK By the way :)

  13. How to plan a simple wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning to get married between August - November. We don't want anything big (that's why there is no date yet) now I feel like it's time to start planning. We just want something small (close family &friends), cheap & simple but nice. What are some good ideas to have a simple wedding? Is there any good websites? What's a good theme for our wedding where we can find simple but unique ideas? Please let me know :]

  14. How much money would a wedding cost?

    & whats involved in a wedding? Idk what a caterer is but I guess that must be there n the dress the brides maids the grooms suit n his men n food. Typically the scene is outside perhaps in a public seashore or garden or just in a family backyard. Rings???

  15. My fiance and I are on a VERY strict wedding budget, any suggestions to have a nice but inexpensive wedding?

    My fiance and I just bought a house so money is tight. We are trying to plan our wedding for this year or spring of next year (April) but I am finding it difficult to find venues or come up with ideas that aren't cheesy and are cost effective. Our budget is $5,000 max and we will have approximately 60 - 100 people. Any suggestions for a nice, simple, inexpensive wedding that isn't cheesy? We live in Ontario, in the GTA.