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Very Small Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How can an apartment resident build a small garden?

    I'm looking for ideas about how an apartment resident can build a small garden such as building one in a small box, etc. Any tips? Thanks so much for any advice.

  2. Any ideas on how to dig a tunnel faster?

    Me and my friends have been digging an underground tunnel latley. We have dug a hole 7 feet down, and inside the hole on the wall is another hole, this is the tunnel part. This part extends 5 feet but were shooting for 10. At the end of the tunnel there is going to be a room. We have been using a large shovel and a small garden shovel. Any ideas on how to dig this faster? Power tools, or other devices. Thanks!

  3. i need some ideas for decorating my apartment inside and out.?

    I want to creat a small garden out side but i do not have a lot of room. i was looking for ideas but nothing has pictures of small gardens to get ideas from. can anyone help

  4. My mother and I planted a small strawberry garden and i need one small quote ideas?

    My mom and I are inseparable and we have a small garden with strawberries in it and i was looking to paint the border surrounding the garden with a small quote that tells her i love her and that she means the world to me. I've looked but haven't found any I'm particularly fond of, any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :)

  5. What plants are good for a garden in SouthWest Virginia?

    I have a small garden this year and planted pole beans, peppers,cucumbers,roma tomatoes, pumpkin and egg plant. The cucumbers, tomatoes & pole beans are growing, the pumpkins are in bloom too, but the two eggplants (bought already grown from Lowes) didn't make it. The peppers, that were sprouts when I planted them, didn't make it either. Any idea what will grow best in South West Virginia? I was wondering what I might have done wrong with my eggplants. Also, does anyone know if watermelon will grow well here.

  6. How to make a garden on a balcony of an Apartment?

    Me, my husband, and my daughter live in a second story apartment with a balcony around 5x7, we want to make a small garden mostly herbs, but we want more veggies and fruits (if possible) that are easy to maintain. Any ideas what else we can grow? And also any ideas on how to make a compact garden? I tried looking online but they all recommend books that my city library does not carry. We live in northern Indiana

  7. What are the tools needed to start a garden?

    I am going to start a small garden. I just came from wal*mart...I had nooooo idea what to get or if i was getting the right tools......Can you help me?? by small i mean 4x8 feet or 5x10 feet and i bought a rotating excavator....did i waste my money?

  8. What are some plants that are easy to grow in my preschool classes garden?

    I want to start a small garden with my preschool class this year, however I'm not exactly a gardener myself. Any ideas of what we could plant that would be easy for my children (age 2 1/2 to 3 years) to plant and care for? Thanks! :) OKAY, to clarify for some of you...our school year is all year and there is no time where all of us are on vacation. (It's a childcare and preschool center combined) It's outdoors and we'll be tending to it as often as needed. :)

  9. How do you get rid of algae from a garden pond?

    We've come back from our holidays to find out small garden pond THICK with algae. We've got some plant in and around the pond and a few small fish, but there is NO way the fish we have will survive if we don't get rid of the algae asap. Any ideas/tips greatly appreciated.

  10. How do I start an Herb garden?

    Thanks to all the people who helped me with my last question about medical herbs. But now i want to start a small garden in my room. My room is small but roomy it has white walls and a window seal large enough to set a small plant on it. (I watched a video and he said that white walls and windows help...?) Any ideas on how to start it?? My main questions are: What type of light i need? What plants can i get in Kentucky Where could I find any supplies for it? Any answer is greatly appreciated:) Thanks.

  11. Planning on making a small Chinese Garden in my back yard any advise?

    It will be a small Garden but not to small. Any Ideas of Plants or anything is appreciated!!

  12. Does anyone have any tips for gardening in north Florida?

    I want to start a small garden and grow squash, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, peas, watermelon, and morning glories. The tomatoes and peas and 1 pot of morning glories would be on my porch. The rest would be around my trailer. I was planning on using morning glories as a bug repellent. What are some other natural bug repellents? I don't really like the idea of using chemicals.

  13. can squash be planted in small gardens?

    I have a small garden box that is 10' x 10', would it be a bad idea to plant summer, cucumbers, etc. in this size of garden?