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Small Garden Ideas Flowers Questions Answered!

  1. Can someone explain how and why epsom salts are good for your garden? If so, how to apply?

    I have a small garden (vegetables and flowers) around perimeter of my house. Often see it in the fertilizer sections of stores. Don't understand the concept of how it is useful in gardening. Also, any ideas on how to deter bugs from plants?

  2. So, How do I talk my fiance in to having a small wedding?

    He would rather go to the courthouse. I want some memories. His argument is that we will be together and it does not matter. We don't want to spend a lot of money, but I want a dress, flowers and pictures. I think personally your wedding is something to celebrate. My own mother agrees we can just go to courthouse and have a wedding later. How do I win this argument??? I am planning on a small garden wedding to at least include our parents. That is not so bad right?

  3. Who had a beloved pet die, and what did you do to commemorate him?

    My beloved pet is aging and I am considering planting a small garden. What are your ideas?

  4. what are some easy flowers I can grow in my backyard garden?

    I want to make a small flower garden. what are some easy growable flowers that can stand humid weather? that are pretty of course

  5. Great ideas for things to add to new soil/garden?

    I plan on building a small garden this Spring, and wanted to know what are some really good tips for helping my plants flourish? I want to plant some vegetables (carrots, radishes, tomatoes - nothing too complicated,) some herbs and some plants and flowers. I only know about egg shells. All advice welcome. It took forever for my herbs to grow last year, and most weren't large enough to be edible. My vines, however, flourished, but my flowers barely bloomed.

  6. What flowers will do the best in Southern California during the summer with the morning sun?

    I don't want bushes or large plants as this is a very small border garden across the front of my house.Something showy but easy to care for would be great.The mornings get very hot during the summer, and the soil is sandy. I have used Miracle Gro Soil mixed with the soil and most of my plants are doing pretty good. Some of the same type seem to be dying out even though they all get the same treatment. Any ideas for color or plants would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Does anyone have any great ideas on gardening a gravesite. Flowers, small bushes and such?

    I have been tending a family plot for several years. Then my grandmother passed last August, and all my gardening was upheaved. But now the plot is full, nobody else will be buried there any more, and I would need to start from scratch. Any ideas on planting flowers that will come back next year and maybe a small type bush?

  8. What are some nice flowers that will go well togetter?

    im in New Zeland so the wether is cold at the mo as its winter and i want to put a small flower garden in the back yard. i woulkd like colourful plants but that would look good next to each other any ideas?

  9. What type of vegetable is growing in my garden?

    I have a small vegetable garden and planted several types of vegetables however there is a single plant growing (at this point about 14" high), that is unlike any other. I assume it was a random seed that snuck in with a batch of organic heirloom tomatoes since this is where it has sprouted however it is not the same leaf and it is producing beautiful, tiny white flowers with a center of deep purple and yellow anthers. Any ideas???

  10. Can a spider be the answer to my indoor organic garden bug problem? I refuse to use insecticides.?

    I have an indoor garden where these tiny little gnats seem to spring forth like wild-flowers after a long rainy winter from the soil of my plants. I have a few yellow fly strips up, however, after about a week and a few hundred flies later, they stop having any space left for more flies! I have tried nematodes and ladybugs, however those are very expensive require lots of work. My indoor garden, because of where I live, is going to be prone to these bugs no matter what I do. I have a small outdoor garden where spiders have taken residence and seem to keep my bug problem at bay, and I have had MUCH experience with spiders and how beneficial they can be as predators. I always leave 2-3 in or around my house or garage that are out of reach to keep my bug problems at bay. (we all have flies, face it...) Is there a "safe" species of spider that I can introduce into my very small indoor garden that will keep the bug problem at bay? Can a "safe" sepcies be kept under control?

  11. What vines are best to grow with roses?

    I am interested in growing a fragrant vine in between two roses that I have in my very small garden in the SF Bay Area. I am wondering what vines (or plants that can be espaliered) share the same cultural needs as a rose. I have tried to grow common jasmine and Chilean jasmine in the past, but found that both plants quickly climb on and strangle the roses. Any ideas?

  12. How to write this in commentary?

    You've just begun dating and have not yet said the I love you's. While looking for gifts, you realize everywhere you go there seems to be ideas for people who are super serious about each other, or all the Hallmark cards are way too sappy. For a low key-key valentine’s day try a few of these simple ideas. Flowers are one of the oldest, and most classic, gifts that works for couples, no matter how long they’ve been together. Now which type of flower to get for her or him? The favorite would be twelve roses, but do not think that you cannot choose something else. It may be a better idea to choose a bouquet that is more fitted to your valentine’s character and tastes. Suitable flower gifts include small bouquets of your garden flowers or a single stylish flower such as a tulip, daisy, lily or other flowers that may be available in February at your local flower shop. If you think Hallmark cards are too cheesy, try a card made by you. It feels a bit more thoughtful You don’t have to go all out with the glitter, and hot glue gun, buying a simple, plain, card and writing a few words on it will work just as well. If you are feeling really confident you could even try writing a short poem. For some couples, it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without that box of chocolates. First of all, make sure your boy or girlfriend isn’t allergic to chocolate, nuts or anything else that is an essential ingredient in chocolate. Secondly, while a small dollar box of chocolates may seem safe and cheap, no one wants something that was probably bought with pocket change on Valentine’s Day. A five dollar box of chocolate is much more reasonable. Try pairing the chocolate with a balloon or stuffed animal so that it seems more authentic and romantic. If you decide to spend the day or evening together, plan activities that you're both comfortable doing. As with any date, choose a time and place that fits into both your schedules. If you are both uncomfortable with the holiday, consider skipping it. Instead of spending tons ,or not so much, on presents or a romantic dinner, go play paint ball or go out to a familiar place, like McDonald’s. Even going out to see a gut busting comedy or gory horror flick might be best for you if you want to go out but not be super cheesy and romantic. If you are a bit on the younger side, or in your first relationship and are nervous about going on your first date, invite some friends or make it a double date.