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Free Small Garden Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do I remove an old metal garden shed that seems to be built on concrete?

    Hi, We just bought a house with a small garden - unfortunately a great deal of space is taken up by an old and not very pretty metal garden shed which seems to be built on a concrete foundation. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can dismantle it and what we do with the shed after that. Thanks :)

  2. How could I grow plants in a small amount of room, such as a balcony?

    I'm moving out of my house soonish, and I'm trying to plan for when I do. Since I won't be making a lot of money, and I'm into eco friendly living and all that, I plan on using a bit of space as a garden. Most of the Apartments I'm looking at have balconies, so using one of those as a small garden would work great. What I need to know, is what to grow, and how to maximize the amount of eatables for the space.

  3. Backyard area full of weeds and needs makeover on a budget!?

    Zone 5, no grass, tall weeds, 3 old dying cottonwoods with mushrooms at base , 2 med dogs with free reign, and a small fenced garden area. Afternoon sun, prefer chemical free weed control and willing to labor to get rid of this eyesore area. Want ideas for low maintenance groundcover,drought tolerant a plus.

  4. what plants or shrubs are good for sun and shade?

    have a spot of bare grass where a tree used to be, instead of putting grass there i would like to plant a small garden. but about 5 ft there is another tree i planted 2 years ago. the spot i referring to is now very sunny, but i know as the tree gets bigger it will get more shady. so what can i plant there now and will still grow well when it gets shady. i live in zone 5

  5. What does dreaming about a snake and a pool mean?

    I had a really weird dream... in it, at one point, I was in a house, and some of my friends were there and I was trying to catch a small garden snake, that was always in the shape of an eight. Later on, we were swimming in a huge, deep swimming pool that was absolutely freezing. Any idea what this means?

  6. What are some good ideas for a romantic vacation to houston texas?

    I need some good ideas for a nice romantic vacation. What are some good hotel recommendations? Are there any hotels in the area with jacuzzis? What kind of activities or things to do are in the area? I need help pls! Thanks =)

  7. How should I set up my garden, and some ideas?

    I am planning to set up a garden in my backyard any ideas of how to set it up or what i should do and where to go thanks

  8. How do I winter geraniums?

    Having only a small garden, I loose all my geraniums in the winter which I would otherwise keep if I could keep them frost free . Any ideas how I can winter them without keeping them in the house. I do not have a shed or garage to keep them in I.ve tried the plastic green houses but always end up loosing my plants.

  9. What's the best way to design a perennial garden?

    I have a large space - 26' - along the front of my house. I think I'm going to make the bed about 3 or 4' in width. What's the best way to lay out my garden? Should it be symmetrical or just bunched and more free (like a cottage garden)? I'm thinking of using Delphinium, Echinacea, Daylilies, Oriental Lilies, small shrub roses (2'x3') and then some small ornamental grasses and 2-4" border flowers in the front. I think I'm also going to put a weeping redbud on the left side. Do you have any ideas for how I should do this... I'm at a loss!!!

  10. How many acres is just enough for a small farm for a family of four?

    Estimating for a family of four. Ideally, we'd like to grow and can our own vegetables, have a couple of fruit trees, and have free range chickens, a few head cattle, a few milking cows, some pigs, some rabbits. But we only need enough land to support our own food supply (I know we'll have to still buy some things from the store) If you have an animal plan, and or cost figures you'd like to share, I'd love to see it.

  11. Non-flowering plants with attractive leaves that can survive Utah winters.?

    I live in Salt Lake City UT. I am allergic to flowers and so cannot have flowering plants in my yard. However, I would like love to have a small garden. I would prefer crouton plants (colorful leaf plants), especially if they do not lose leaves in Utah winters. Any suggestions?

  12. How much does it cost to put a small pond in my yard?

    If I get enough money and get my parents to agree I want to put a pond in my yard. I think my two baby turtles would be very happy in a pond. My uncle has a pond, should I ask him? I want a SMALL pond with a good filter and sunning area. My yard is very very shady, do I need to buy a UVB light? What is the cost of all this stuff?