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Small Garden Ideas Design Questions Answered!

  1. how to make a garden in a backyard that has tiles everywhere?

    my mom wants to plant strawberrys even tho the seasons over but she wants to do it anyways. the only thing is that our backyard is filled with tiles, no dirt. it use to have grass and concrete but my dad just made a patio with tile flooring and decided to have the whole backyard cover with tile. is there a way to make a small garden with using planters. i have seen my neighbor with this type of brick but she tells me that the contractor didnt use concrete. how did they do it?. beside having a brick wall, how can i break the tile without damaging the other tile. my dad broke one before by using an axe but it brok another two without even touching it. this was during the installtion of the tile. note: the tiles are made out of porcelain. thanks opps, i meant without planters. hmm johan's responds seems pretty good to me by chiseling the tiles. but like he said if my dad used a layer of concrete rather thank a rock bedding it would be easier. my dad used bother. since my back yard had concrete on it already and grass he used rock beddings on teh grass area which is the area we want to plant strawberry. the patio area is on top of where it used to be concrete. i like the idea of using the planter and bringing it in. ill do that by buying strawberry pots. all are great advice for future people who want to do want i want to do. i dont wanna risk breaking the tiles and buying new ones cuz if i do and do buy new ones they my not match due to the HOT HOT HOT sun in LA making it fade.

  2. How can I get free design ideas for my small back garden?

    My back garden is 5m x 8m and north facing so not much sun. The grass is full of moss and never gets much chance to dry out. I'd like decking or something more exciting than poor quality grass, any ideas on how to make the garden look bigger and better?

  3. Where can I find some nice designs for a small backyard?

    I just bought a new house and the yard is fairly small. Nothing has been done in the back since it's a new house...it's all dirt. I know I'd like a patio and grass (I have a dog and she needs her grass!) and I'm trying to get ideas for designs. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. What is the best colour to use to paint the walls of a small enclosed backyard?

    The yard is north facing and thus gets little sun light. It has 3 high walls and the north wall is approx 2 metres high, the yard is 4.3m x 4.8m. So I would like a colour (or any other helpful ideas) that helps create the illusion of greater space then there is, and warmth. Links to examples and photos would be great also. Thanks.

  5. In a apartment and want to start a small garden!!?

    I have always loved garden and helpped my mother in hers all the time as a child. I have an screened porch and don't use it anyway so i wanted to start a garden.Where to start? What to buy to begin?

  6. What can be grown in a preschool's garden?

    I teach 2-3 year olds and want to teach a unit on gardening. Unfortunately, my thumb is more black than green, and I know nothing about plants or gardening! Can someone give me step by step instructions for how we can go about doing this? What kind of plants can be grown in an old plastic sandbox or kiddie swimming pool? What can we plant that can be eaten in such a place? What materials do I need?

  7. What kind of small business could a teenager start up with?

    I want to start up my own business. I live in michigan and i'm 17. Does anyone have any ideas for me to make some money without having to fill out so many applciations?

  8. What are low maintenance garden design ideas?

    I want to have a low maintenance garden since the house is a rental property. I do not live there. So, I can not go there water plans or cut a lawn often. All I can think about is to plan couple low water required shrubs, put some stones or barks. What are your workable ideas of a low maintenance garden? Please share. Thanks

  9. How can you design a home that will reduce wasted energy?

    Any ideas are much appreciated!! Thanks!

  10. Does anyone have links to well designed garden ideas?

    I'm looking for links to good photographs, or even video links. I'm NOT interested in flower, or the extremely fancy herb gardens. I'm interested in really practicle gardens that produce fruits, vegtables, berries, and possibly small orchards. Living and working on my own farm leaves me little to no time to tour the gardens of other people. I'm always looking for good ideas I can incorperate into my own gardens and orchard. So links with pictures, good drawings, or videos would be very much appreciated!

  11. How can I turn my weedy and small backyard into a urban paradise?

    I have a small backyard. Half of it is taken up by my kitchen garden (a rectangle plot) and with a cider block walkway dividing it from a rightangle triangle plot of weedy grass. I want to rip out the grass, widen and make more interesting the pathway. Would like to have a rock patio area. Basically need some good suggestions of how to mix the use of my garden, yet also provide an area that I could enjoy and relax in. Replanting grass is an option, but would like to know some ideas of an urban mixed use backyard. I'm a newbie, but willing to try within a limited budget. Photos and directions would be great. Live in Lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Thanks.

  12. What are your best ideas for organic garden pest control?

    I have already planted marigolds all around my veggie garden to help reduce pest, what else should I do?

  13. Can anyone recommend free software to help me draw/plan a simple garden wall?

    I want a small, fairly simple, garden wall built and am seeking a free software program which would help me sketch out some designs and help me estimate how many bricks are needed. Ideally i'd also print this out to show the builder. Any ideas?