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Home And Garden Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find practical information abut marketing a small, at-home business?

    I am starting up a new business in catalog sales of gifts, novelties, home decorations, garden decorations. I need practical ideas on how I can get my name out there and start selling. I eventually want to sell online, but must raise the capital through offline sales.

  2. Does any one know of a website that gives you decorating ideas for free?

    I checked on home decoration and it gave me a list of websites and all of them were charging or ended up to something irrelevant. I want a site that helps you make stuff that will be easy yet cute for your house plus it will show ideas like cortains and different color matching and how to set your kitchen up to be beuatifull. I have a small space in the living room and on the bathromm and small room with a big bed on it. Nothing decorated I am really not good at it. Sometimes I clean all day and it looks clean it just does not look nice. Help me please.

  3. How should i decorate my room?

    i'm 13 and i haven't decorated my room since i was like 8. its super duper small so i need some decoration ideas that would open up my room. i prefer darker colors but bright colors are fine. i want my room to look fun and i want it to look like a normal teenagers room. any ideas or suggestions are welcome. also my room is a COMPLETE mess so organization tips would be awesome thanks soooooo much all your answers helped alot

  4. Moving into new apartment decoration Ideas?

    Hey everyone! Im moving into a new apartment and need decoration ideas! Everything needs to be pretty cheep (DIY) I hate white walls and would love some tips! I have been searching the web but have just been way overwhalmed so if you know of good websites or good ideas let me know!

  5. How can I get rid of a stray cat from my garden without harming my own cat?

    There is a stray cat that keeps coming into my back garden. I have a cat of my own so can't put down any pet repellents. This cat has even come into my house and ate my cats food and scratched my cat.

  6. What are some good ideas for stocking stuffers and Christmas decorations?

    This is the first Christmas my husband and I are having together and I haven't decorated for Christmas for as long as I can remember. My family never really decorated after my parents got divorced and I never helped before then because I was too young. My husband and I are decorating this year though, and other than the tree and lights, I really can't think of any other good ideas. I know he will have a few, but I want as many ideas as I can get. Also what are some good ideas for things to put in stockings, because I want to do that this year too and I've never had one before. It's just me and my husband and our cat. No children. Any ideas you have would be helpful. Thanks.

  7. What are some nice but portable decorations for an outdoor beach wedding?

    I need quick set up and take down stuff. I ready want this to look nice but be simple. I'm planning for the guest to sit on beach blankets but other then that have have nothing in mind so any ideas would be great. I really need this to be able to be sat up a few minutes before the wedding and be taken down right after the guest leave. It'll be south fl beach late afternoon early evening. I'm told its supost to be mild weather but warm weather around our date weather depending of course

  8. What is a good "garden" venue for a bridal shower in Newark, DE?

    The bride is interested in a "garden" theme, so something like a quaint garden where we can set up tables, chairs and a few extra "garden" decorations would be perfect. We need to stay very low-budget, so unfortunately pricey restaurants are not possible. We need to stay relatively local. Any ideas?

  9. What home made stuff can I use to decorate my garden?

    Do you have any idea of what I can use as decoration for my garden- stuff I can easily do or stuff you find around the house? For example- I have this small case in which I put books and if I empty it and plant something in it, it will look so original. So, any more ideas?

  10. Activity and other idea suggestions for a high school graduation party this summer?

    My son graduated high school this year and we need help planning and coming up with ideas for the party. Family friends, his friends, and relatives will attend so we need activities for all ages. Also any decor ideas/special touches would be helpful. His colors are greens, browns, and blues--he's a nature lover. **No ideas involving alcohol please.**

  11. First Home buyers Moving Into a Older Style home, Any Renovation ideas?

    I am very excited but nervous at the same time, I have just purchased my first home with my husband & two young children. Its about 30 Years old, fibro home with built ins & regular size bedrooms (3), Open Plan. Would like some Idea's to make it look fresher & younger. Any decoration tips greatly appreciated!

  12. What are the requirments for a garden wedding?

    I am torned between planning a church wedding or a garden wedding.

  13. Where does the Hilton Garden Inn get their furniture and bathroom counters and shower and floor tiles.?

    I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhatten, and i really liked their furniture and the bathroom; does anyone know where they get it? Thank You!

  14. New ways to make my home enviromentaly sound?

    I have a homework assignment to try to discover new ways to help make my home more enviroment friendly. I need about thirty different ways so any idea is great. From getting compact flouresent bulbs to replacing inulation, i need any inovations out there.

  15. Fundraising ideas for college volunteer organization?

    I'm in charge of planning a fall fundraiser for our campus-wide service organization. We are shooting for an end of October, early November 2006 date. We want a fundraiser where we ask from the community and not the students. They pay enough money already. Ideas so far:a trick-or-treat for donations, pumpkin sale, i'd like to get lots more ideas.

  16. What would be good items to put in a treat bag for elderly patients in a nursing home?

    My class is doing a volunteer project at a local nursing home and we want to make some sort of "treat bag" or "goodie bag" for the patients, but we aren't sure what all we should include that they would enjoy/appreciate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!