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Small Garden Landscape Plans Questions Answered!

  1. What "product" would you like/expect to receive from a gardening consultant?

    I would like to take jobs as a gardening or landscaping consultant, working with homeowners as clients. I do not want to take measurements/draw landscape plans. That takes too much time outside of the meeting/appointment. I feel many people just want to pick my brain and ask questions anyway. But I feel I need to leave them with something, written notes, a list of plants, etc. I want them to feel they got their money's worth. What would comprise a good product? I'd like to make up a form or sheet to use.

  2. Any tips for a beginner's vegetable garden?

    I live in Reno, Nv (Northern Nevada). I have a landscaped backyard with a flower garden, but I want to make a small vegetable garden that will I will plan and take care of by myself. I am planning to start it just outside the fence to my backyard. I will be buying live plants instead of seeds. It will not be attached to the drip system that my other plants use (where's the fun in that?) I plan to research the matter online and check with the nursery for information. I just wanted to also get advice from hobby vegetable gardeners themselves. Thank you for your time:)

  3. what is the suggested percentage markup for landscaping tasks and supplies?

    on average, what percentage is considered appropriate for a small business landscaper, to mark up the materials, plants and services i provide. in the state of colorado

  4. When should I plant herb seeds?

    I am a chef that is planning on starting a small herb garden at my hotel in Seattle. When would be the best time for me to plant my seeds to get maximum growth from my garden this year? Please help me!!!

  5. who in bismarck and or mandan nd knows who can do a good job in landscaping, for this summer?

    planning to do landscaping in front and back yards, for this summer planting a garden, rose beds, and cutting down some small trees. anybody, who can do this, taking quotas.

  6. Can I prepare a vegetable garden on tiled place?

    My backyard is tiled, yet i want to grow some vegetables here. Can i prepare a small area where i put some soil and line it with bricks and grow small vegetables in them? If yes what should be the height of the soil i need to add?

  7. I work full-time (M-F) and want to start a landscaping business on the side. What is the best way to begin?

    I'm not in a position to leave my full-time job. My question isn't related to getting clients, a business plan, or start-up capital. I'm not sure how I balance starting and growing this type of business while working full-time. I landscaped for a municipality throughout college. Also, are people open to having landscaping done on weekends? Thank you for you help.

  8. I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh with a few friends, advice?

    I've never done this before, and we're only sixteen but we're planning on getting the train from where we live to Edinburgh Waverley. Then we're thinking of staying in a nearby travelodge. I was wondering if there are any travelodges close to the train station and what sort of shopping areas are around? Any things we should see? As much detail would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!