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Garden Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have any good decorating ideas for a wedding/reception with a ballroom theme?

    Our wedding will be in mid-November in Ohio. We are going to hold the wedding and reception in the same place--a banquet hall that allows use of the gazebo, natural spring, and the rest of the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Renting this place takes up most of our money. But I still want to feel like a princess at the ball when I step into the room (me and my bridesmaids are in ball dresses, the men are in tuxedos). I need help with decorating ideas that won't break our pockets.

  2. We need paint color ideas,a way to conseal an odd back wall & decorating ideas for our new deck , HELP PLEASE?

    Our covered deck will be stained med to dark brown & is inclosed with framed lattice at the ends & below the railing across the front.I want to decorate it to look cool,cozy & very relaxing. Is there any place on the web with pictures that show decor ideas for decks.I also need to conseal some things that don't match on the back wall,like 2 kinds of sidding.We couldn't find sidding to match our old sidding when they tore off an old loundry room to make room for the new deck.The deck is really great but the 21' back wall is an eye sore. Any decorating & consealing ideas would be great.I'll be putting Kills out side primer on in the next few days.We have a round green glass top table & long white table to serve food & a gas grill at the other end .Hot & cold running water,electric lights & safe water proof plugs . .I like silk flowers , need all the help I can get,the back wall looks blau now . Thanks loads for your help & God bless .

  3. Does anyone know a website that will show pumpkins that are decorated, not carved?

    I am looking for pumpkin decorating ideas. The pumpkins last longer if they are not carved or cut.

  4. I am a college student. I'm renting a large house with 4 other roommates. We need help with decorating ideas.

    We're on a budget but I was wondering where I can find cheap decorating websites or decorating idea websites that would be suitable for college students. Nothing immature but nothing too serious either. Thanks!

  5. how do you make a hedge from shredded coconut for a gingerbread house?

    I am making a gingerbread house for christmas and have seen some decorating ideas that include making a garden hedge from shredded coconut. I know how to dye it green but how do you get the coconut to stick so it can be sculpted into a hedge?

  6. where can i find ideas for outside decorating for christmas?

    i was looking for some cheap cute decorating ideas for christmas if anyone has any or knows where i can find some please let me know i love christmas but am not very creative thank you

  7. decorating ideas for a spa like- bedroom with a zen feel with hints of smoke blue?

    help any ideas or picture links would really help!

  8. Where to find perfume trays and jewelry bowls for decoration?

    Looking to buy a cute metal perfume tray and bowls for my jewelry. I am decorating my room and looking for a cute way to display my jewelry, kind of like some stores have their things displayed. I have looked online but haven't found anything. Any decorating ideas or websites?

  9. What are websites with DIY crafts/decorating ideas?

    I'm looking for good ideas for Christmas crafts, but also for year-round decorations that I can make myself. :) Do you know of any websites where I can find ideas?

  10. Where can I find interior decorating ideas that are realistic & not from multimillion dollar homes?

    We are in the process of buying a home. It's a "regular" home- no open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, slanted doorways, entire walls of windows, spiral staircases, claw foot tubs, etc... Just a regular house with regular rooms, carpeted floors, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, basement, deck, living room & 2 bathrooms. Anyways, the people who lived there before have not paid in 2 years and we are purchasing via short sale. They had hideous taste and most of the rooms are a combination of navy blue, pale yellow, and bright yellow with lots of tacky sunflower trims and switch plates. The carpet is all stained beige and will be replaced also. We are going to have to start at the flooring and move our way up, painting and redoing everything. I have been trying to find some interior design websites that have REALISTIC pictures/idea. I don't need ideas for 10 million dollar homes with 16 foot ceilings and such... just regular square/rectangle rooms with regular rectangular windows.... regular bathrooms with your average tub/toilet/sink.... etc! I find the other unrealistic pictures to be really hard to relate to since obviously my home will look nothing like that. There has to be a website that caters to AVERAGE homes? I mean.... the majority of people do have just regular homes.... so why is this so hard to find?

  11. What are some easy Halloween decorating ideas?

    This is the first Halloween party I have ever thrown so I want it to be great. I already have the usual ideas and am looking for something unique and interesting. Don't have a very big budget so preferably something easy and fairly inexpensive. All help is appreciated.

  12. Where can i get some great bedroom decorating ideas at?

    Hey Hey im decorating my bedroom and i cant seem to find online that will give me great tips! Please help!=) Thanks-Lovess.

  13. what magazine has decorating ideas like Potterybarn?

    Don't say Better Home and Gardens. I'm looking for a subscription that has decor like the rooms in the Potterybarn catalog.

  14. I want to surprise my boyfriend with a romantic chinese food dinner....Can you give me decorating ideas?

    I'm planning to make chicken, chowmein, rice, etc. I'm going to buy one of those fortune cookies where you personalize the message inside. How should I decorate the table. Where can I find cute decorations for this theme?

  15. How much is my old magazine worth?

    I have a House and Garden vintage 1940 double edition color and black and white magazine. Was wondering how much it was worth. There are no tears in it and it's in really good condtion considering the age of the pages. It reads as follows on the cover: House and Garden September 1940 Section 1 On the bottom: Double number Section 1 Homes of two Hollywood Stars Ohio River Valley Estates Section II Autumn Color Schemes New Decorating Ideas- 16 pages in color Thanks

  16. decorating ideas for alice in wonderland themed party?

    Am in need of lots of clever, homemade decoration ideas to totally blow this party out the water. All ideas greatly appreciated.

  17. decorating ideas for a girl and boy playroom?

    I have an extra bedroom and we are looking to decorate it for the kids. Need help any ideas would be great. My daughter is a 1yr and half and son is 3. So I am looking for something unisex. Paint ideas (colors) anything. Thanks.