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Modern Garden Design Landscape Questions Answered!

  1. What are some things to do in Paris for 8-10 year old girls?

    We are taking Eurostar over from London for 2 days. Not much money. No Disneyland!!!!!!!! We came to Europe for Europe, otherwise we'd stay at home.

  2. Do other countries have a wooden fence between houses?

    If not, what separates the houses from each other?

  3. I have a land of 200 sq yards and wish to build a dream house with all modern facilities. Please assist me to?

    Please suggest about facilities.............

  4. Details about DLF gardencity Chennai new project ?

    Can you tell me details about DLF gardencity Chennai? Its a new project by DLF in chennai. i want to make an investment in the property. i want any website link where i can know the details on DLF garden city project in chennai.

  5. what is the function of a nursery?

    can i have a long chunky paragraph about what the function of a nursery is? i am talking about a care centre nursery for chilren run during the day.

  6. Need help on choosing colours for walls, furniture and bedding?

    I have an empty room which i am changing to my bedroom. I'm 18, male and i want it to look simple, i don't want swirls and plants, just need it simple :) i'm not very good at designing

  7. Frankly,, does ART exist on any form or picture in our life?

    Does ART has anything to do with reshaping of our new society, our contemporary homes and our modern cities? Frankly does ART exist on any form or picture in our life? Art as art, It is on subject of the art of understanding and doing things, art as an expression method of our life. It is not at all about designing and manufacturing an objects.

  8. we are building a new home and i want to know cool modern tips and designs for a garden?

    picture will help alot

  9. Please can you recommend a Resort in Egypt for June 08?

    6 of us are looking to go to Egypt in June this year, we would like to go all inclusive 4/5 star for 2 weeks with a budget of £600-700 pp. Its quite important that its a resort with multiple pools/bars and a private beach. Has anyone been somewhere like this they could recommend for us :o)?

  10. I need a list of art done by a cuban artist named ana mendieta?

    Ana mendieta i need some pics too if possible

  11. what is the capital of fiji?

    hello to everyone, i need the capital of fiji.please help me. note:best answer will be picked tomorrow.