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Small Modern Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. How do you put up an outdoor airer?

    I used to have one of these outdoor airers in my garden but it broke and now I'm wanting to put up another one but I don't know how. Last time my neighbour put it up for me. Any suggestions?

  2. Can I get a new Victorian house?

    Are there still carpenters out there and artisans that can construct for me a brand new Victorian house? sure with all the modern conveniences too like energy efficient doors and windows, good insulation and weather stripping, and intnernet in every room. Also a solar panel on the roof. I want the house to have 1 1/2 floors with an attic and a basement for the wine cellar. I also want for the attic space a little circular viewing room with telescope and a cone shaped roof. I want those skinny windows that extend all the way from the ceilings down to the floors. I want the house to be made energy efficient as well. But built as if it's still the late 1800s. Queen Anne Victorian style. :-) My Dream house! Can someone build it for me? 4 bedroom 4 bath, 4 car garage. A porch, a balcony, and a garden!

  3. Why do muslims call them selves the religion of science when most them don't accept evolution?

    in fact a huge percentage of muslims take intelligent design very seriously. i'm not trying to attack muslims im just asking why they call them selves that when science clearly disagrees.

  4. Are there any Native Americans who live on reservations like they did historically?

    Like, do they still live in tipis and wear traditional clothing and teach old ideals? If there are some reservations like these, can you list a few?

  5. What would happen if large dinner meals were saved and eaten for breakfast instead?

    If a person was overweight but addicted to their diet and currently ate large portioned meals 2 - 6 hours before going to bed, what would happen if they changed their habbit and instead saved that meal in the fridge, had it for breakfast, and then ate nothing or VERY LITTLE in the evenings or at night? Clearly such a person could do many things to lose weight and become more fit, but if this was the only change made to their life, what change, if any, would be expected in their weight, fitness or wellbeing in the following weeks and months? To be clear, the only change is that their dinner, usually their largest meal of the day is saved overnight and eaten in the morning. The person usually skipped breakfast so they don't eat two breakfasts. They eat what would have been their dinner from the night before as their breakfast, and then eat nothing or very little in the last 6 hours before sleep. If you agree that this change in a person's eating habbit would be beneficial to their weight loss goals, can you please also explain why this would be? Isn't it true that in order to maintain or lose weight the energy value of the food taken in has to be equal to or less than the energy value of the energy and effort expended? Or is that merely a general rule finnessed in some way by variations such as that mentioned in the above scenario? If so, please explain how this could be. Many thanks. P.S. I read all answers thoroughly so don't be put off by existing answers. Supplementary question: If the person did change their habbit as explained above so that they were saving their generously portioned dinner in the fridge over night and then eating it for breakfast first thing in the morning and fasting in the evening, what would be a better time for that person, given their new eating habbit, to exercise at the gym? Assume they alternate between weight training/muscle building exercises versus cardio exercise on each alternate day. i.e. day 1 cardio, day two muscle training, day 3 cardio, day for muscle... etc. i.e. when I say "what would be a better time to exercise at the gym" I meant to ask "what would be better - before work, or after work, i.e. in the morning less than an hour after eating the meal, or in the evening several hours before bed but without much food left to be eaten that day.

  6. How many of U are willing to recycle the water that runs down your gutter or building gutters?

    I'm not exactly sure where in India, but I heard that there was a city of about40,000 people that had a drought problem. They reused the rain water on their crops and land and have undergone great change for the better. It took about 8 years for the entire community to participate. Could you imagine if the whole United States can accomplish something like that?

  7. What are good things to do in Montana?

    I am planning to move to Montana, but I want an opinion from you who live there, are there good opportunities for musicians there? what about graphic designers? Thank you.

  8. Share a room and want decorating tips!?

    I share a room with my sister, and I do NOT want girly colors, and I don't like gothic either. I like black and white with bright green or blue, but I don't know how to use all the 'oldish' furniture we have with the modern colors I like. Also, I don't want a room divider, because it makes the room feel smaller. My sister agrees with pretty much everything, but she needs somewhere to put all her junk that she takes into our room. Help, please!

  9. Is it worth travelling to Madrid, Spain for only one day?

    I am currently in Southern Spain and would like to travel to Madrid but would only be able to go for the day on Saturday - i would arrive around 10:30 am and leave around 8 pm - will i have time to visit anything or will this just be a waste of money?

  10. Anyone been to the Victoria and Albert museum in London?

    Is it just named that or is it a museum about them or Victorian things?

  11. Whats the difference between Blue Tooth & Data cable?

    I mean Data cable is to upload, download from Mobile (Cell) to the PC, (net), so what does Bluetooth do & has what Data cable aint got or does?