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Mid Century Modern Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. What does the symbol of fleur-de-lis mean?

    What is its origin?

  2. Hip ideas for cheap kitchen decor?

    We just moved into a rental home and I'm in need of a new kitchen theme. The walls are beige and the cabinets are oak. Everything that I have found (roosters, apples, flowers, etc) remind me of old ladies.

  3. just need a little help on the history of roller coasters......????????

    i have to do this article in school about roller coasters so i have to find the answers to a bunch of questions so i could actully have some history in it so an answer or link to all or any of these questions would be appriciated what was the first roller coaster ever built (by who and where)? when going upsidedown, how does the roller coaster stay on the track? how long does it usually take to build? any additional information would be great to thanx!!!!!!!!!

  4. Name for a girl? Stumped?

    We cannot find a name that we both like that we think would fit our family. Can you help me find the right name based on info about us?. The child will have lightly olive skin with medium brown hair and light brown, hazel, or dark green eyes. Our families style- music; all music, classic rock, pop rock, swing, oldies, christian rock, and grunge, design style is mid-century modern meets sea side cottage with antiques and home made our, personality is casual, slightly artsy, friendly, dorky, caring, with old fashioned values (like maybe Weezer meets Eleanor Roosevelt meets Zooey Deschunel) . Hobbies of different people in our family are ballet, art, karate, viola, swing dancing, gardening, fishing, video games, meals on wheels, bible study, animal science, swimming, crafts, hanging out with friends, and bike riding. We also like learning about diverse cultures, history, live music, the outdoors, and food. We DO NOT want a super common name, including common names from when I was a kid. Any ideas on a name that would match our family? Oh, and last name Bell

  5. If anyone knows about the "Dallas Grand Hotel", I would love to know more. Thank you.?

    Ever since I seen the Dallas Grand Hotel I have been very interested in the history of the building. Yes I know that I can go to google, and bing.com but, I get the same stuff. So like I said if anyone knows ANYTHING, please let me know...Thank You :)

  6. Art project! Universities building style!?

    Hi guys, I have to do an art project, I need some stuff about the buildings style in the different famous University, such as the Brown or the Yale.. where can I find it? Can you help me? Thank you in advance...

  7. I need help coming up with ideas for a powerpoint on Romanticism.?

    I have a 250 minimum 75 slide minimum project on Romanticism due in two weeks. But my history teacher decided to make all the facts be due in order, ready to be put into powerpoint tomorrow. I'm having trouble finding that many facts in such a short amount of time, and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what to put in the powerpoint content-wise not pictures. Certain people, of places, or schools...etc. Thank you ahead of time, and i appreciate it!

  8. 8th question in series: "noteworthy but not well-known composers": - THOMAS ARNE - familiar with them?

    ((questions 1 thru 4 are resolved; 5 thru 7 are still open, should you care to respond: John Adams, Ernest Bloch and Ottorino Resphigi)) Thomas Arne (1710-1776) Another composer I'm sorry to say, I know very little about; but am learning a lot about these "not well-known", via your responses: thank you. What do you know about them, that you would like to share with us? Or perhaps you may not think them "noteworthy"? That they are not worthy of being "well-known"? Either way, let us know what you think. And please let me know, if you think this series is "worthwhile", and should continue. Anyone have any suggestions to improve the format? Back log: there are nearly 20 composers on my list to be considered; so, as of the moment, no more nominations for now, please. Thank you, Alberich "hafwen": "Rule Britannia"; had no idea. Thanks. Alberich "Doc Watson": I'm not overly familiar with Ives music, but am enough so I feel to readily acknowledge that he is probably the greatest of all American composer; but I will have to admit, for me, I find most of his music difficult to liesten to; takes a great deal of concertration for me, to follow is logic. And will put him on the list, but you must realize there are more than 15 ahead of him. Alberich "Ian E": yes, thank you(I guess); )zzzz---yawn---ZZZZZ---) we get the point. Alberich "Best Answer" choice time, again; God, I hate this: I revel in my enjoyment of perusing all the responses(most of the time), but absolutely abhor having to choose a "best". But then, putting it up to a vote, more often than not leads to one "simpleton" racing thru the "unresolved" questions, and flippantly choosing one just to gain a point; and their choice is the worst of all; so unless I feel myself to be unqualified to judge - remember the "Tristan" question? - I force myself to choose. "halwen", "Doc Watson" and everyone else, thanks much for your responses. Alberich ---------------------------------------- "rdenig-m": the scale and scope of your knowledge regarding your British musical legacy, is "scarry"; really. Alberich