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Modern Garden Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How could a predator (dinosaurs) world exist before the garden of Eden and before the fall of man?

    Before man, there was T-Rex and Raptors and such. If God created dinosaurs, why did he make them vicious? How could there be a world of violence (dinosaurs hunting dinosaurs) before the harmony of the Garden of Eden? Surely, this isn't the nature of God. Any thoughts?

  2. What are some creative ideas to decorate a 15-16 year olds room?

    I am re-decorating my room, and I am trying to make it something that I will not get sick of throughout high school. I want it to be original and something that all my friends will be jealous of and everyone will love when they walk into my room. I have not yet decided on a color, but the design and color thing run hand in hand. Does anyone have any cool, creative, and original ideas for my room that I will not get sick of? (:

  3. Where in Bangkok would you bring or recommend a shopaholic? What makes this place interesting?

    A vacation in Bangkok, Thailand is never complete without checking out the shopping scene in the city. Whether it's the boutiques inside the modern malls or the hustle and bustle of its famous street markets, Bangkok has all kinds of shopping places that will excite and thrill the savvy shopper. If you have a friend who asks for tips and advice on where to go in Bangkok for the best shopping experience, what will you recommend and why?

  4. What are some blogs/magazines that showcase houses & gardens & buildings?

    I like looking at architecture and I'm looking for a blogs and/or magazines that feature nice houses and buildings. I'm not so much into modern architecture, but more European/urban townhouse/cute cottages style architecture. I'm not sure where I can find this type of thing though...help? I'm looking for exterior architecture, not interior design, and something that deals with small houses not huge mansions. Thank you :)

  5. I am trying to design a "victorian" era garden?

    I have recntly purchased a 1905 home in Melbournes Dandenong Ranges in Victoria Australia. I'm currently renovating the house , in a classic traditional style and I want the garden to match. Any thoughts/ideas/ on plant types or style/design tips? www.justinbishop.com.au

  6. What attractions/adventures would you insist I see in London England at the beginning of November?

    I'm travelling to London for the first time with my husband and a 2 year old. I'm trying to narrow down the list of things I want to see and do. I was looking for thoughts on what are the MUST DO's!