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Modern Garden Design Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. how much do garden designers charge?

    We live on a modern housing estate - normal sized garden. Any idea how much a garden designer/landscaper usually charges for re-planning garden? Thanks.

  2. I am trying to get ideas on decorating a house. Where can I get pictures of themes hotel rooms?

    I am not sure what type of theme, but I really like contempory/modern and romantic silks for a bedroom.

  3. What is the best magazine for interior design magazine?

    I am looking to move soon to a condo with white walls and I have no furniture. I would really like to subscribe to a magazine that has pictures of rooms so that I can be inspired.

  4. How would I go about designing an Audrey Hepburn bedroom?

    My room is teeny tiny and my mum is allowing me to do whatever I want to it, I want an Audrey Hepburn style room, my family has bought me a few pictures. What colour scheme/furniture would look best to work with the theme? I am 16 next month if thats important... She was an old hollywood actress http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audrey_Hepburn Tada!

  5. Where do humans fit in the natural world? How do we fit into the natural world?

    Where do we fit in the big picture? How do we fit? How do you know how and where we fit, what tells you? For example if you have a religious view it may/may not be different to somebody with a scientific view of the world. So where is humanity's place in the natural world?

  6. Are black fixtures a bad idea in a reall small bathroom?

    I have a very small bathroom. I don't know the exact size, but basically its got a towel closet, a tub, a sink, and a toilet, and barely enough room to walk in it. If you sit on the toilet your knees are an inch or two from the tub. We are about to remodel it and we really want to make it more modern. We were thinking beige light, floor and walls and tile, with Black fixtures. Is this a bad idea? What do you recommend? what if just the sink and toilet were black and the tub is white? Would that look ridiculous? HELP!

  7. How would a room look if it had black carpet, hot red walls, and beige couches. with glass side and coffeeTlbs

    Umm i need some help i am trying to design a room with black carpet and i am using the color red. but im am not sure what to do.

  8. What is the style of architecture in which the building has a open center. I think it's European or French?

    I feel like I've seen this style of architecture in a film in which the apartment building surrounds an open center garden. I've been looking for some pictures of the style online, but I don't even know what the style is called. Please help if you know where the style orginated from and if you know of links to pictures. Thanks!

  9. Can anyone give me some tips on making a Joseph Stalin powerpoint presentation?

    I need to do a powerpoint presentation on Joseph Stalin. Can anyone give me some tips on the sections i should put. I have to have atleast 10 slides on him.

  10. Where can I find a power point template for my presentation?

    I need to make a presentation about Stalin and his terror for my History of USSR class. I would like to find a good power point template that is related to history, USSR etc. Is there any website that I can get it from? I have already looked in MS office website. They did not have any. Help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  11. Did gardener Edna Walling ever deliver an address at the Melbourne Athenaeum?

    Has there ever been a lecture given at the Melbourne Athenaeum about Australian gardener Edna Walling?

  12. can anyone identify my pot please?

    it is approximately 6inches tall,10inches diameter and is pewter in colour engraved with dodo looking birds and basic tree shapes surrounded with trellis type detail.cannot tell whether it is very old or a modern piece.someone thought it might be a dutch of soodrinking vessel.it does have a piece missing from the rim and looks to be made from some sort of metal.I dug it up from the garden at our first home and it has been stuck in the cupboard since,but I am just curious about it.

  13. Where can I find a prototype maker?

    I have an idea that I'd like to create but would need someone to create it for me. Someone who can mold plastic, rubber etc. Any good ideas?

  14. What do the different stamps on the back of my blue garland johann haviland china. All bavarian, some astricts?

    some one astrict and some have two, others have bars on each side. Each say bavaria, germany not thailand

  15. Someone told me that it's good to put paper in land fills because it breaks down and is good for the soil?

    Is there any truth to this?

  16. First To Answer Gets 10 Points!: What's the year movies started and who invented the first movie camera?

    Yes I Mean First to answer correctly.