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Rock Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What should I do with the so called small pond that forms in my backyard when it rains and snows?

    We just bought a new home and when it rains the water sits in a dip around my backyard.I thought about building a rock garden and let the water drain to it and the garden would soak up the moisture.Any ideas

  2. Whats a inexpensive way to landscape a large backyard?

    Our backyard is real large and completely dirt right now, we live in desert so grass probably not a good idea but is gravel the only option? Any one with any ideas?

  3. Can anyone refer to me to some good websites with photos of landscape ideas?

    I live in Southern California and with the recent water shortage I would like to relandscape my front yard with drought friendly plants, gravel and rocks keeping the lawn minimal. I am looking for websites with photos and great ideas that I can borrow. Thanks!

  4. How to decorate rock bed for cheap?

    We have a pretty big rock garden in front of our house and i want to decorate it without making it look dumb, i'm on a tight budget but we are having a get together here and i want it to look decent... I like plants especially low maintenance plants :) and i'm not sure what kind of decorations that would look alright outside the new house of a young couple... ? (i'm afraid of my old lady taste getting in the way) lol any ideas?

  5. looking for landscaping ideas for my backyard?

    Just bought a brand new house. Want a low maintenance back yard, don't want any grass, but do want the yard look artistic. The back yard is wide, but not deep. The size is about 23 X 60 feet. Any idea?

  6. what is the best program for landscape design.?

    I want to take a picture of my property and place landscaping over top of it and be able to move items around, such as a pool, hot tub, bushes, rock garden to see where the work best in my yard. Any ideas?

  7. how to make a zen garden and where to get the tools step by step?

    i would like to make a zen garden but am just a beginer what type of sand do i need where do i find the rocks where can i buy a special rake please tell me.

  8. Where can I find the latest landscaping designs online?

    I would like to update my landscaping but need some good ideas with images.

  9. Where can I find landscaping rocks to line a garden, in Colorado?

    I want to line my garden with some nice, flat red rocks, sort of like what you would find on the flatirons in Boulder. However, when I go to home depot, they are $5/ piece. I'm hoping to line the garden for less than $25, any ideas? Thanks for the suggestions, especially since yes, there are a lot of rocks in the Rocky Mountains? Any park names or areas by the side of the road where I can go exploring? Thank you all for the ideas.

  10. What is the best way to plant a garden on steep, hilly, and rocky soil.?

    Looking for soil qualities, water, sun light, maybe scaping the landscape..

  11. Landscaping rocks? I need to know what rocks are best for guiding water toward a drain in my back yard?

    This is what happen. I have a pool in my backyard. The pervious owners broke a oval circle in the concrete to install the pool on the dirty instead of just installing it on top of the concrete. So I have a gap between the pool and the rest of the concrete. So when it rains the water just backs up in that gap instead of heading to the drains on both sides of the pool. Anyone know if I can fill that gap with rocks and hope the water will go towards the drains? If not rocks anyone have any ideas what I can do?

  12. What are some creative ideas for a flowerbed border?

    I live in a single-wide mobile home and have a flower bed that runs along most of the front. It's about 1 1/2 feet wide and has a concrete sidewalk in front of it. I really want to use something besides landscaping timbers or decorative rocks/blocks. Any suggestions?

  13. is it bad to create a garden in soil that is mixed with rocks?

    im trying to make a garden but right now there are all these rocks in the soil so im trying to sift through without much success. any ideas on how to get rid of the rocks easily, or just tell me if its okay to create a garden with these conditions. thanks!