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Outdoor Garden Decor Unique Garden Questions Answered!

  1. Where are some really beautiful churches in Northern Michigan?

    I am planning my wedding and my dream is to get married in a small church Up North in the fall. I want a place surrounded by trees and the place unfortunately cant be TOO small as my fiance and i both have relatively large families

  2. Does anyone know of a nice, affordable place to get married in LA county?

    I am getting married in about a year. I'm expecting about 250 guests with a budget of 20k..which includes the ceremony at a church and the reception. I'd like to have a traditional wedding and hopefully an all-inclusve package. Does anyone know of a nice place in or around LA county?

  3. What is the best whale watching company in seattle? Bonus points if I can make it a whole...?

    ...get-away weekend... Would like to get away for a weekend and also toss in some whale watching. Where should I look?

  4. Any ideas for picnic cafe?

    I'm opening a cafe with picnic theme. Do you guys have any ideas how to make it more unique and interesting? For example, the waiter will carry a tray made from woven basket. Thanks for your ideas..

  5. Unique wedding ideas???

    I live in S.A. and would like some unique ideas for themes for a late spring wedding. I have seen a few things i like but do not want to copy these things because I want my wedding to special and a combination of ideas not a carbon copy of someone elses, so if you have some interesting theme or decor ideas, share them with me!! Thanks guys...

  6. bed and breakfast houston?

    Any one know of a nice, clean and reasonable priced bed & breakfast? Maybe no more than 2 hours from Houston?

  7. Creative ideas for decor in church wedding?

    I'm getting married in a church next June. Pretty much every church wedding I've been to have very similiar decorations on the stage- big floral arrangements with white flowers and greenery along with some white candles. I want mine to be a little more unique and modern. My colors are light pink and navy. I thought of using white and pink in the floral arrangements, but I need some creative minds to help me! Any ideas? The church is relatively simple, which is fine bc my wedding is a little on the casual side, I just want a little something on stage.I am planning to do something similiar to this on the pews, with navy ribbon instead of black http://www.projectwedding.com/photo/browse?photo_to_show=304491&tag=ceremony&thumbs_page=14

  8. Help with Dad Christmas gift - VERY hard to buy for - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?

    Good looking, 55 yr. old VP of construction firm. He has everything he needs or wants! He drinks beer (only) and smokes cigars but only a certain kind (gift baskets with various types are not an option - I've tried). He restored a car, but it's perfected and nothing I could know is needed. ('57 Bel Aire) He works with tools but owns every type - probably more than one, he's already told me that. He wears cologne, but can't smell! He's a freemason, but I've exhausted all gifts that relate He golfs, but has brand new clubs, bag, shoes, magazine subscr. He already stocks up on golf balls and tees. He has a brand new computer, and doesn't care for any other tech-related items. He buys new clothes all the time and hates my taste (he's a bit, um, unstylish) He's fun - but have jokingly bought him nerf guns, portable videogames and remote control cars in the past. No hunting or fishing or bowling. He loves food - but a "meat and potatoes" type of guy - one that already has Omaha steaks deliver all the time. No sweet tooth. Will not watch a movie twice, nor tv shows. He gets gift cards from clients all the time. No ties. Renovating the house - well, hired help is He gardens, but barely. Tomatoes and squash only, I think. Likes jewelry, but his taste is not affordable. Doesn't care for sports - goes to some NFL games, but not a true "fan" New wallet. His type of watches wouldn't suit my budget. He already has a stack of books he claims to be "getting a start on" Mom deals with decor. Nothing like that would be of interest. No work gear and he has a company car. GPS, cell phone and accessories are redundant. Travels so much for work, he doesn't care to go for pleasure. Travel items - luggage, travel pillows, etc. would never be used. He's practical. We have a huge inground pool. Mom buys the fun stuff, and other people come to clean. We have a game room - likes billards and darts - new balls, cues, chalk-holder even. Table was recently recovered and whole dartboard set-up is new. Has an outdoor firepit - had two, gave me one- He already have me his old patio furniture that was from this summer, he didn't like it. He has all the music he cares for, I've tried to buy him some and he either already had it or didn't care b /c he has satellite radio. Would not be caught dead at a concert. Does his own lawn, oddly enough. He has all the needs, like mower, leaf blower, weed eater, pesticides... ANY other ideas? In reality he's fun but honestly has all the necessities. Therefore, I need a unique gift that isn't generic - but must be practical too. He's not a fan of "gifting for the sake of gifting." Also, not religious. I think all of you have given me some great ideas! Not sure which I'll pick, but I'll def check out some of the websites you all recommended. He loves nice wallets, and his are always getting worn out. As for the classic car stuff, I just have no idea where to begin - he's not the type for "novelty" items like keychains and such, but maybe I could get out of him if he'd like a new gear stick or seat covers - his car is bad-a and I get it eventually! The utopia beer from Sam Adams is a great idea (I worked at a liquor store all through college and we had the really neat looking metal bottle) for the connoisseur, but my dad likes bud and bud only... Anyways, thanks for all the ideas - you have helped immensely! Still, any other novel ideas are still welcome !!!

  9. wedding site in Oregon?

    We plan to get married in April 2007 and would like a place that is not waaaay too big or expensive but nice in Oregon. Not sure what the weather will be like in april either since Oregon is unpredictable. Any ideas?

  10. Which, in your opinion, is the best clothing optional resort on Key West?

    My partner and I are heading that way for Spring Break.

  11. Door County Dog beaches?

    Does anyone know of good dog beaches in Door county? Or any beaches that allow dogs? door county, wisconsin

  12. I am redoing my room...any ideas?

    i am a teenage girl in highschool and i want to redo my room to make it more mature...i love color, my favorite color is yellow, i love flowers,i love the beach(but i don't want to do a major beach theme becuase a lot of people do that) i want to come in my room and feel at ease. i want it to be orderly and maybe have a desk i can do my homework at and have my computer on. should i have a theme? Or should i just have colors? What goes good with Yellow? Any Ideas? P.S. my room isn't that big (if that makes any difference) Thanks for the help!