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Cheap Outdoor Garden Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Cheap wedding ceremony and reception venues in or near Atlanta?

    does anyone know of any cheap/very inexpensive wedding venues in or near Atlanta?? Marietta, Kennesaw or anywhere close?? to have the wedding and reception in the same place....and for a small quest list about 75 people?? any information would be helpful. thank you!

  2. Ways to Save on Wedding?

    I'm recently engaged, and attempting to begin planning for the big day. Does anyone have tips as to how to save money or suggestions for planning? I'm also wondering what an average price is for a wedding. Any info helps! Thanks!

  3. Are there any TJ Maxx, Marshall of USA version of bargain stores in Canada, especially, in Vancouver?

    I am moving to Vancouver this fall, and would love to know where i can shop for less and still find great stuff as far as home decor, apparels, and other misc. goes... I loved Marshall's and TJ Maxx while living in the USA, and hope to find similar stores in Canada. Please advise!

  4. Tips for planning traditional wedding?

    Anything that would be at all helpful is welcome. Also, if anyone has tricks for being thrifty without being tacky, that would be nice as well. Thank you!

  5. Need ideas for outdoor wedding venue? HELP!?

    Need ideas for outdoor or Indoor with Garden area outside wedding venues in Austin? Opps. Forgot to mention I am looking for a venue in or around Austin, TX.

  6. Where to have my wedding?

    I am having the hardest time finding a place in Utah to get married. I really want to do it outside but my budget is not very high. I am kind of on a time crunch, so any help would be much appreciated.

  7. princess garden teaparty outfit?

    random but i'm turning 19 and want to have a tea party and all the guest have to wear princess dresses (it's only for about 10 girls) i'm doing it in my backyard but it's all concrete and i want to to transform it into a garden...i don't have much space but it'll be intimate and i have a lake behind a wire fence (so i want to place it in front of that) any suggestions for my outfit? anything helps thanks :)

  8. Need some advice on saving money on my outdoor wedding this autumn (:?

    My fiance and I are planning on getting married this autumn, either September or October, in an outdoor venue near where we live. Colors are tangerine and ivory. We are going to have around 50 guests. The venue itself is only $10! However, we will need to rent tents, tables, and chairs. I am looking for some money saving ideas from brides who have been in my situation before. We are paying for everything ourselves, so I need some tips for saving money on food, flowers, favors, etc. Here are the steps we have taken so far: 1.) DIY Invitation Kit from Michael's: 30-count, with the invitations, response cards, envelopes, and pretty much everything else you need for about $30, so only about $60 for all our invitations. http://www.michaels.com/art/online/displayProductPage?productNum=wd0524&channelid= 2.) Skipping Out on the Expensive Caterer: Since we are from a rural area and we are doing the wedding outside with only about 50 guests, we are catering the wedding ourselves. We are going to grill steak, chicken, and pork chops, and have baked potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, vegetable kabobs, and salad. We're doing the traditional wedding cake, plus "cake balls" and brownies (mint brownies, peanut butter cup brownies, walnut brownies, etc.). We are also not serving alcohol. He does not drink, I will still only be 20, and most of our family members will be drunken rednecks if served free alcohol! We will be serving canned sodas and bottled water. http://www.do-it-yourself-weddings.com/cake-balls.html 3.) Small Wedding Party: We only have a few close friends, so we are only going to have one on my side and one on his. 4.) Less Formal Attire: I will be wearing a short dress and he will be in black slacks or khakis and a dress shirt and tie. Neither of us love to dress up and I would hate for us to look uncomfortable on our special day! 5.) More Affordable Rings: My ring will be cubic zirconia and sterling silver. I know it will not hold up for long, but the diamond rings I love are way out of our price range, and we can always get on later in life when we're more financially stable. He will probably have a carbon fiber ring. http://www.amazon.com/Sterling-Silver-Zirconia-Wedding-Engagement/dp/B0033IMB08/ref=pd_sbs_jw_3 Those are pretty much the only things I can think of right now, but I really need some more suggestions! Please respond (: Thanks, guys! Thanks to Ashely D. for the website suggestion. I have heard of the site before and I will definitely check it out! (: Typo: Ashley (: Uzie Suzie, thanks so much for such wonderful ideas! I have been considering the tent issue more and more lately, and I'm thinking it really might be a no. We aren't even going to have dancing, anyways. What do you think about arranging the tables in a semi-circle formation and having the guests just sit at the tables during the ceremony itself? Just something I've been pondering.. theologygirl, Thanks so much for the suggestions! I will definitely check out your blog. I agree about the frozen steaks and chicken. Really, we may not do pork chops at all. Most people wouldn't miss them with steaks and chicken! I am partial to fresh flowers, but I found some great prices on sites like costco.com and samsclub.com. We're thinking of doing mason jars with boquets in them for centerpieces. Gerbera daisies, probably. (:

  9. Outdoor Wedding Venue Near St. Louis...?

    I am looking for a reasonably priced outdoor venue to hold my wedding ceremony. We are on a very cheap budget but also have a large guest list. I have looked into St. Louis parks and a lot of them are very pricey and include no amenities, or don't have a large enough space. I have started looking into other places such as golf courses and anything that has an outdoor area that would allow a wedding, but I'm having a hard time finding exactly what I want. If anyone has any ideas on venues, or a website that I could look into it would be greatly appreciated. Anything in Belleville, St. Louis, Collinsville, Edwardsville or places nearby. Thanks!

  10. Lavender/ Lilac wedding?

    i am having a summer wedding. the colors will be lavender & white does anyone have any ideas on decorations & were i can get cheap bridesmaid dresses? we need ideas for church decor & reception decor

  11. I need a little help with outdoor decor.?

    I usually never need any advise or guidance when it comes to decorating my house, but I seem to be stuck at this time with my back yard. I have a decently sized back yard. It has a large circular pool with rocks around it, an attached wooden deck, and a concrete patio where I am about to build a stone fire pit. I have the fake bamboo tiki torches that I put around the pool and deck, but I just can't figure out what else I can do that will spice things up that don't cost a ton of money. I am open to lighting suggestions or just any type of decorations in general. I am just drawing blanks and have no idea why. Any help will be appreciated.

  12. any reception ideas anyone?

    I am getting married here in 6 months and we are on a tight budget. we want to only spend no more than 1,000 dollars for 50 people tops our ideas are to have it a our friends house and just keep it intimate and then we thought about just paying for dinner at a resturant and pre choose the meals so no one goes over budget. then we thought not having one and just the bridal party and the family going out to a nice secluded dinner. this is hard. we already have the ceremony and everything else set but not this lol also would it be rude to invite people to the wedding and not the reception? we have already cut out about 100 people from the list due to our budget ( by the way before anyone starts saying "if you dont have money to pay for your wedding then why get married" a wedding is just a show (my opinion) and we made a decision to make sure this wedding wasnt made to be bigger than the marriage so we are going to do a beautiful outdoor wedding at the botanical gardens (our first date by the way) , a nice honey moon in florida and save the rest our money for a savings to jumpstart out new life (plus i have kids) lol any way we are open to any and every idea and believe we could make it elegant and intimate and CHEAP we just need your help ALL ideas are welcome. please give details locations decor resturants ect thanks oh by the way i am in ft worth tx