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Small Garden Landscape Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What can I do with a small triangular garden area at a corner intersection?

    I need to redo a small garden area, triangular-shaped, that is very high profile as it is located on my property at a 4-way stop. Right now it is full of morning glory that is impossible(?) to get rid of so I may have to even use ground sterilizer. What creative ideas do you have for this space? I have a few ideas, but it is always fun to see what ideas others might have. Thank you in advance for your input. Note: I live in the southeastern corner of Washington State, Zone 6 - 7.

  2. How do you make a miniature fountain/waterfall(like for a small garden) without a pump?

    I wanted to make a small landscape(like a bonsai-type thing) in a pot. And I wanted to include a small river & lake. Is there a way to make a waterfall/fountain that would move water up and down without a pump?

  3. Where can I find good example images or plans for small to medium sized gardens?

    I'm looking to get my garden landscaped but I'm looking for ideas. It's about 20ft by 15ft and is just a rectangle of grass at the moment - where on the web can I find pictures and / or plans of gardens of this size? Thanks. :)

  4. Is there a free Landscape Design program where you enter your house dimensions?

    Gardening/landscaping beds can be too big or too small based on the focal backdrop, such as my house. I'm trying to find a free program where I can enter my house dimensions and have it generate some landscaping bed ideas. Does a program like this exist?

  5. I put in a very small garden area around my lamppost and need landscape edging ideas.?

    It's a small circular area, the flowers I planted are low profile, so bricks and stone are out of the question and it has to be something that can easily be mowed around. I've used seashells before, but these groundskeepers would destroy anything like that. Any suggestions?

  6. What can you say about deck landscaping ideas?

    I read an article about this kind of landscaping idea. I am interested in using it.

  7. Where can I find online pictures of Small residential formal gardens?

    Just looking for some pictures of small formal gardens, all I can find is very big gardens looking for something on a smaller scale.

  8. How can I build a shade garden around a tree with large rooots?

    I would like to have a small shade garden around a tree in my yard. However, there are large roots extending from tree. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this without injuring roots?

  9. What can I do with an ornamental pond that is too shallow to be an effective pond?

    The pond is about 15' by 6', yet only about 4" deep (in fact we've been dry lately and it's down to rocks and completely dried out - it's shallow enough that it does that easily). If I keep it full, I have enough water to run a little bit of a waterfall pump through it, but not much else. I had hoped to have it deepened to be able to get Koi etc., but it seems it's more expensive to do that now than it would be if we started from scratch. Perhaps we could convert to a fire pit? The pond is right off our wood deck and has a small copse of pines across the other (narrower) side from the deck. Anything creative? It simply has a plastic liner w/River rock, and then it is encircled by basic flagstones. Looking for creative landscaping ideas - again, I'd love to find an inexpensive way to keep it as a pond, but it can't really stay the way it is - one solution is to simply fill it in completely... I know this is difficult without pictures, but just looking for ideas. FYI - the 4 inches of depth is only at the middle, most of the "pond" is less than an inch or 2 at best and in full sunlight most of the day. Yes, there may also be a liner problem, but evaporation certainly takes it's toll as well... (I think the home contractor had a good idea, but didn't implement very well for whatever reason...)

  10. Upgrading a relatively small landscaping project for thr front of the home?

    My house is only 1000sqft, so we're talking small. I want an Asian theme with perenials and a tree or two. I'm in Zone 5, Michigan. Anyone have a web site, book or TV shows that can help me set this up? I need to know what would be Asian, and how full I want to fill. I suppose landscaping bricks? Any creative ideas or point the way? Thanks!! :the" not "thr". Duh.

  11. Can anyone direct me to good Landscape, Gardening sites?

    One's with ideas for Small to medium Gardens? Thank you in advance for your Replies! Thank you!

  12. Moonlight garden landscaping ideas?

    I'd like to create a white themed garden that looks pretty at night and will blend in my back yard corner area. I know that the moonflower is a good choice for a running vine. Are there any white flowering evergreen shrubs or other choices I can choose from also? I think that white is elegant and relaxful for a garden setting.

  13. Building a small garden wall and lay a path?

    I have some old stones I want to break up and build a small garden wall with. I guess just use a lump hammer and a stone chisel thing. Do I dig a small hole wider than the stones pour in concrete then lay the stones below the soil line? then using the concrete lay them. If I buy the sand and cement, how do i mix it?

  14. Is the horsetail plant a good idea for a small garden? I hear it spreads fast & hard to control.?

    We just bought two small horsetail plants for our front yard. But now we are told they are hard to control and can grow out of control affecting other plants around it. Is this true?

  15. Any landscaping ideas for a subdivision house with a small to medium yard?

    I would like to know if there are any websites that I can find that can give me some ideas/pictures of landscapes that I could do for our yard. I have some bulbs of some flowers, but would like to know if there are any pictures of flowering landscapes that I can go by visually. I have searched but I don't really know of any. Thanks in advance for your help.

  16. How do i landscape a troubled yard?

    My husband and i are planning on moving back home and wanted to increase the house's value by doing some yardwork. I planted a small dwarf tree in the front yard and added three burning bushes to the bed in front of the house. The backyard is mostly shade but gets light in all areas depending on the time of day. We have tried planting grass near the house but it will not grow (we did a grass mix of shade and sun grasses, none grew). The backyard is totally bare, except for four old trees that i plan on pruning but not removing, and could be a wonderful selling point for this house. We are in town and it is a LARGE lot. Any suggestions?

  17. Need to tidy my garden. When is the best time to start?

    I moved into a house that had landscaped gardens and therefore didnt need any maintenance. However, I've been there for 3 years now and the bushes are getting untidy and need trimming. I have absolutely no idea when it comes to plants and usually kill every plant I lay my hands on. Can you give me some tips on tidying my garden up to its original lovely landscaped condition.