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Outdoor Garden Decor Wall Fountains Questions Answered!

  1. what should i sell at my garden center besides plants?

    Just opening up a garden center up Neeeed some feed back as to what else peope like to see in the center.. Gift shop items etc.

  2. What is your house like?

    Do you live in a small modest house or a big mansion? What is your living room like? What is your fav. room in your house and why? Do you have a nice landscape or a lot of weeds? Just curious.

  3. Any ideas on how to cover walls and ceilings of a reception site that has restrictions?

    I had to find a reception site in my small home town, close to friends and family that were unwilling to travel. Plus my wedding budget has gone from $7500 to as low/cheap as possible (my fiance and I paying for it ourselves). So thus far, my idea of my dream wedding is out the door. I wanted an outdoor fall wedding in an unusual spot with a rustic yet classy look. Now I have a tradional church wedding at a banquet hall. I am trying to make the most of it with the decor and such. But the only hall in my small town has ugly wood paneling walls (i guess i got the rustic part of my look :P). I liked the idea of lighting (christmas lights and paper lanterns)and tulle but the site does not allow any type of adhesive/nailing in the walls. Does anyone have any ideas? As mentioned before I have tight budget, so I want a cheap pricetag without a cheap look.

  4. i need your help! =]?

    anyone know a nice hotel in los angeles california? exspenisive or not i just need some suggestions! thank you!