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English Country Garden Decorating Style Questions Answered!

  1. How to identify American-culture-loaded words? Im learning English and dont know whhat would you like to ask?

    because i dont know Such words!! 1. A temperature scale which was commonly used in English-speaking countries up until the 1970s and nowadays it is maintained only in the United States. 2. A stringed musical instrument, played by plucking. It was brought to America by African slaves and is used a lot in folk and bluegrass music. 3. A usually paved area adjoining a house, used for outdoor dining and recreation. 4. A small tree with sharp dark green leaves and red berries, or the leaves and berries of this tree used as a decoration at Christmas. 5. A popular way to get rid of unwanted stuff or when moving; a sale of used furniture, clothes etc from people's houses. Thank you very much!!)) Category

  2. What's a good bedroom design?

    My bed has a purple back..head thing. and do you guys know any good websites that have bedroom designs ? :)

  3. I want to design and English cottage garden?

    in my backyard, I live in the country/ city area, and it is small approx 40 feet wide and approx 20-30 feet (it definatley looks much wider then long in length) and there is also a ditch to sweep away water when it pours really bad, does anybody have advise on how to decorate it, or know of any good websites to go to ( i am more a visual person, if you have pictures that would be nice) and also would anybody know of how to still use up the space by the ditch?

  4. Moving In!!!?

    My husband is in the air force and we were recently stationed in England. My husband and I finally found a home that we want to move into, The problem is I'm from the U.S. and the house is very different then what I am used to. Like most homes we looked at it is smaller three bedroom one bath..... Being small isn't the only problem its the decorating I have no idea how to decorate this English home. The style is very different from what I'm used to, and its very old, its in a small villag Also i've been told NUMEROUS times that Gardens are very important so I really want to jazz up the yard but unfortunately I have know idea about that either. So the question is do you have any ideas and are there any websites that you think might be helpful. (it would be preferable if the website had pictures) Thanks for all the help This is also my first home so double unexperienced!!!!!!!!!!! First time this far away from home! Sometimes I wish Justin had a normal job!! JK I LOVE THE AIRFORCE!!

  5. How do people decorate for Christmas in Australia?

    I live in a warm climate (in USA) so the snowy references and winter clothes don't apply to me as much as others. A cold day is 55 degrees. At Christmastime we can buy snow in a can for our windows....or our tree. People roast chestnuts or at least have a fire for warmth AND ambiance. They put lights on their homes & use inflatable decorations like polar bears or penguins. It actually is a little silly w/ all the cold weather decor even when it could be 70 degrees outside. How do Australians decorate for Christmas? Especially since it's summer for you when it's winter for us.

  6. if you owned a very small, 1 story log cabin, what stuff would you put in it? and other questions...?

    my dad is making a 1 story log cabin (less than 20 by 20 feet) and it's out in the forest (so no food can be involved or animals will ATTACK (no seriously, the will attack the cabin for the food, and if i am in the cabin, they might attack me!) !!!!! but it is in the forest... and i want it to have a fairy/garden theme (i am not yet sure if my dad will let me, but just in case...) so i don't know how to decorate the cabin (it can be either garden or fairy house themed, but not both) and i don't know what to put in the cabin (such as objects--the only thing i can think of is a bed...) so: 1) which theme should the cabin have (either fairy or garden, but not both) 2) what should the decorations be inside and outside of the cabin (the only thing i can think of is a stone pathway leading to the fort and i picture of a fairy on the inside--and for the garden theme there cuold be a a garden outside and and pictures of flowers and stuff on the inside-but my ideas are LAME, so i need more ideas!please help!) 3) what unspecific objects (such as a bed and stuff) should i place in my cabin? -thankyou :) I WILL GIVE A GOOD RATING TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERS!!!