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French Country Garden Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. What color should I choose for my country style kitchen?

    I am using Better Homes and Gardens Interior Design Software and I have decorated the kitchen with a lot of country stuff like chickens, cows, pigs, country eggs, aunt jamima so my kitchen right now is like a tanish brownish color. The cabinets and the drows are tan and the wallpaper is a tan decoration. So I am trying to find a color for my kitchen to go with the country style.

  2. how should I decorate my wedding when the location is made to look like a french quarter in new orleans?

    We were originally planning on having a country wedding with cowboy/girl boots, suspenders, hay bells, just stuff associated with the country, however we couldn't find a place with-in budget, so we found a new place, it is an outdoor courtyard garden in the heart of a small city that has been restored to look like a french quarter, it has old brick structures, black horse heads at the in trance and black iron work. What colors would go good with this kind of atmosphere? Should I try to follow a french quarter theme or do something of my own?

  3. Who is the sculptor of the bronze boar and stag with hounds on terrace Huntington Library main gallery?

    These two bronze sculptures noted in this inquiry sit on the terrace of the Huntington residence, called the Main Gallery, on the Huntington Library grounds. One depicts a boar attacked by hounds; the other a stag attacked by hounds. The docent told me he thought they were Italian in origin, but did not know more than that. Appreciate any information as to the sculptor, country of origin and dates of creation. Thank you.

  4. How do i cook snails?

    I watched Gordon Ramsey tonight and he said garden snail are ok to eat. so im off out tomorrow to find some snails. But how should i cook them any ideas?

  5. What are some interesting customs or tradition in France?

    From an American standpoint, what would be some interstion customs or traditions?

  6. What tapestry will go best with my new Castle...?

    the walls are white italian marble with gold leaf wood cravings ?

  7. Need some decor ideas for this red room. Pic included.?

    I hope you can see the pic. I'm keeping everything in the room - the paint, the furniture, the piano. I'm removing the leopard print scarf and the animal print decor (you probably can't see what little is there). What I want is something lively, probably floral/stripe, maybe french country. I need a new window scarf, would like to cover the pillows, add a little extra to it, maybe a throw rug in the center, maybe new pictures. I thought about an asian theme but around the corner is the kitchen/dining area and it is decorated with parisian street/wine bar decor. I didn't think that would flow well together. If you have any website to direct me to that would be great. Thanks. http://new.photos.yahoo.com/kcangel70/album/576460762321215386/photo/294928804164234959/1

  8. french traditions for palm sunday?

    anyone know any traditions the french have when celebrating palm sunday?

  9. hi i want to stay at slieve donard hotel newcastle n.ireland,can you advise how i can get price thanks?

    booking direct through hotel is very expensive

  10. I need some ideas for decorating my balcony?

    Its not a big balcony at all, but its still big enough for a table, about 2-3 chairs, and a little more. Its right outside of my new bedroom, but its so plain jane right now and im hoping to spend a lot of time out there since its nice and relaxing. i live in fl and it faces the sunset in the morning and its absolutely a beautiful view. besides the table and chairs, what else could i put out there to make it a little more cute or relaxing? my bedroom is french country themed, so nothing japanese or any other thing that may not belong. So far my ideas is some kind of mini fountain to put as a center piece, so i can hear the water trickle when i go out there, and maybe even some flickering outdoor lights to trim the balcony fencing. any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks so much also, what kind of flowers could i put out there that seem very femine, or maybe even a little french looking? thanks!!!

  11. Drapery Colour Ideas for Dining room and Living room/Office?

    New home in the country - large diningroom and using the livingroom as an office/sitting room. Need the right drapery for both. Most of the house is done in dark taupe with white trim. I have a white electric fireplace in my office which we brought from the last home (no it can't be painted nor do I want to). The office & dining room will be the only rooms in the house looking feminine. I love shabby chic & French country, but because the pets are everywhere I am instead of going for white duck covers for the loveseat & wing chair I covered in prairie blue. I want to use existing and new artwork. The diningroom furniture is glass table with espresso legs and buffet which I know is neither shabby or French. I am thinking of trading 2 or all the 4 chairs for faric to floor parson's chairs. There are vast windows in each room with gorgeous views of the garden I want to frame. I want to tie in existing expensive artwork. The colours in the art are mostly blues, greens and pink (ie. pink peony and anopther has a blush pink mat) and are pictures of old stone buildings with gardens and window boxes full of pink petunias. Flooring is walnut coloured hardwood. The rooms are both large and the diningroom if fairly sparse so I think full curtains may warm it up. So, does this give you enough info for suggestions?

  12. Louis XIV and Versailles?

    where can I find info on the architecture, design, and construction of the palace? I also need to know the layout of the grounds and the day-to-day life in the palace. I also would like to know how Versailles played a part in the decline of France, and how it led to the French Revolution in the eighteenth century.