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English Country Garden Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. Can you describe your dream house?

    Mine would be victorian, with a wrap-around porch, turrets, gables, and that feature seen on New England houses..."widow's walk." A gazebo near the house. Or it would be an English country style, or have some Georgian columns and stone-faced. I like these because I like anything that looks historic, or really is historic.

  2. How can I find the manufacturer of a french country antique cabbage rose quilt?

    I am looking for the manufacturer of a french chic antique cabbage rose or also known as english rose garden quilt. I have found this quilt on Ebay and Overstock .com. On Overstock .com catalog #10087542. I also have a model #GL-WB0726. This is a beautiful quilt with an antique tea background. With a romantic French blend of colors including melon rose and pink roses, butter yellow, sage green, rose and a touch or French periwinkle blue. It has several prints consisting of roses, wildflowers, vintage roses, and cabbage roses along with a ticking stripe and garlands of flowers. I want to find the manufacturer to inquire about purchasing fabric to make window treatments. According to the two vendors I have found to have this item there are none available. Any help is appreciated, Pat

  3. What are some good living room and kitchen decorating themes?

    I am in the process of buying a condo. The living room and kitchen are both medium sized. I do not like safari or anything like that. No tiger, zebra, leopard, etc. I was thinking a cafe theme for the kitchen but I am not sure. Any help would be great!

  4. What kind of culture is there in Costa Rica?

    I have an essay due soon so I need culture, people, rural and city lifestyles.

  5. Help on England festivals and celebrations?

    What festivals do British people celebrate? Do they do it in a different way from other people? Do they have any special festivals that only British people celebrate? Can you basically just tell me everything you know about british festivals and what the celebrate? I am doing an assignment and can't find anything. Thank You!

  6. How should I start my myth story?!! HELP?

    Ok, I have an english assignement which consist of writting a creative myth. I already have my subject which is: how were rainbows created? & my characters who are: Frutia, goddess of fruits, Solorius, goddess of light and Waterthus, god of water. So the idea of the story is that to create a rainbow, Fruitia throws many colorful fruits in the water. But i dont know how to start the story. HELP PLEASE :) NO DUMB ANSWERS!

  7. Where can I find things on Costa Rica?

    Essay due Monday, need references and fast!

  8. I want to landscape my yard into a English/Irish/Scottish?

    I have a fairly large yard and it looks kind of dull. . I'm wanting to decorate it in an English/Irish/Scottish manner. What I mean as English/Irish/Scottish manner is the type of homes that you see in the country or in small towns with rock-walls fences for example. None of the modern city homes. If you can help me out by suggesting ideas, visual images, or a website I'd appreciate. Thanks ;)!

  9. Fashion Show?

    I'm looking for ideas on decorating my runway for a fashion show. I'm want to use fake butterflies on the side of the runway, what do you think? All pastel colors representing spring and summer.

  10. Decorating question?

    We have just recently moved to another country and are in a furnished apt but are beginning to purchese furniture of our own. All of other other furniture/decorations that we sold was more the collected/given stuff of the early years of a marriage. Now we are wanting nicer more mature setting, but I am unsure about decorating. Do you select a style and do each room or each room differently? But indivdual peices or save and buy all at once? Any advice on decorating a home would be nice.

  11. 100 things to do this summer?

    I need a few ideas on stuff to do this summer,because everything is kinda coming to an end for me. Im not asking for 100 things just some.



  13. City Life and Farm Life in 1800?

    I need help with something. and it has to do with the life in the 1800 with the colonies and stuff. we have to do city life and farm life. and it HAS to be 1800. it can't be 1873. or whatever. it'll be awesome if you gave me some facts. like the food, jobs, technology, family, anything. thanks if you give me some.... or not i guess. I've been also googling and going to other places to look up the information. not that much help. it'll be awesome if you gave me some of the website's URL or whatever it is. Thanks.

  14. Is Halloween Child's Play or a Serpent in the Garden????

    Halloween, Child’s Play or The Serpent in the Garden? October 14th, 2006 by jet44 This was my child’s English assignment. The students were asked to write a story on the subject of getting rid of a Holiday or adding one and this is what she wrote. I guess when the teacher read this one (no names were given) the class was dumbfounded and speechless. English 11 Holidays 10-6-06 To Whom It May Concern: One of the main holidays in our country is Halloween. I feel that this particular holiday produces a more negative affect than holidays should be allowed. On Halloween nights many kids, young and old, walk up and down streets to collects candy and other goodies from the neighbors. These actions may seem completely harmless when thought of briefly but when the true history of this holiday is investigated further horrible truths emerge. For example the roots of Halloween date back to medieval times. Back then October 31 was considered a day when dead spirits were beli . Back then October 31 was considered a day when dead spirits were believed to return to their homes and when evil practices, such as witchcraft, were most potent. My friends from South Africa lived in an arelived in an area, where on Halloween nights, the cults would gather at graveyards to sacrifice cats and newborn babies to evil spirits. Today many people don’t understand the gruesome nature of this holiday and eagerly dismiss and negative facts against its origin. Today the choice of costumes for Halloween is also a problem for many people. If you’ve ever visited a general store in late September you’ve probably seen the variety of costumes displayed: skulls painted with blood, witch hats and masks, knives, axes etc. On a more serious note store decorations for Halloween usually advertise death and murder. For example Menards in Nebraska shows a skeleton hanging from the rafters by a handmade noose. Who would want their three year old child to be exposed to that degree of terror at such a young age? Decorations like these not only scare children but also teach them that these actions are O.K. and exciting. The problem with Halloween not only lies with its history and advertisement, but also with the safety of communities. One of the activities that troublemaking teenagers like to do on Halloween is pranking. Although this activity is slightly tolerable a very fine line is often crossed. Damage to public and personal property is a major prank that many pranksters try to accomplish on Halloween night. Do you want your children to be out amongst these potential criminals? Worse yet, a part of this crime? Safety is also an issue when addressing Halloween. Children are commonly left alone on October 31st to gather all the candy they can with their friends. Although there is safety in numbers, abductions do occur and are possible at any moment. . Allowing this holiday to remain on our calendars will surely endanger our homes and families to a point we have never reached before. The simple concepts behind Halloween, such as candy gathering and consuming as much as possible is hard on the human body system. High calorie candy is one reason why so many kids today are overweight and proud owners of cavities that require around $100 to fix. Careful consumption of these treats is a very important skill that Halloween clearly destroys. I understand that Halloween has been a trademark of our history and economy for many years, but the strong negativity of this holiday is too much to agree with! An alternative holiday such as a Harvest Celebration could involve dressing up in less terrorizing costumes and having a meal with family and friends. Kids could play games and win small pieces of candy or toys for prizes. All I ask is that you understand the satanic nature of this popular holiday and consider some other possible alternatives that could take the place of this highly controversial holiday www.e-sword.net is a great Bible tool www.answersingenesis.org search this sight on issues of evolution and dinosaurs etc Sincerely,http://jet44.wordpress.com Dear Bast Thank You for your reply. You are right to say to celebrate it would be hypocrisy for me. We did not celebrate it tonight and had an awesome family night just eating Jelly Bellies , a few disagreements (normal of course) and watching "Over the Hedge" which stressed "family". I remember days gone past of dressing up the kids because of social pressure I guess and dragging them house to house as they complain they didnt want to wear their costume and thinking is this for me or the kids. The Lord is convicting me on these matters and we are all in process. Take no offense. Jesus did not come down to earth to condemn us, but to teach us the Truth so we would be set free. Regards