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Country Garden Decorating Ideas Lovely Questions Answered!

  1. What would be some good magazines for decorating a girl's bedroom?

    I want to redecorate my bedroom but i can't seem to think what i want it to be like. What would be some good magazines that would give me ideas and hints about what i can make it like. {I'd want to make it kinda girly-ish, if that sorta helps =D}

  2. How do I make my house more homey?

    I know that isn't a word but right now my place looks like a college dorm. I need ideas for things that make it look like a nice home. What in your home makes it look "comfy"?

  3. What are some fun crafts you can make that can use to decorate your room?

    I recently got into making my own furniture and decor for my bedroom lately. I realized it saves a lot of money and its make your room more personal. So I wanted to know if you guys had any cool ideas of some useful things to make that can go in my room???!!!

  4. how should i decorate my bay window?

    it's in my dining room...so a window seat wouldn't be appropriate seeing as it's right next to the dining table. i want to dress it up...tastefully. i live in an older country house so nothing too hi-tech looking. any ideas? i'm interested in diy ideas and things i can buy or may have around the house. oh yes and i need ideas of not just what to put "inside" the window but also around the outside (if you can think of something) thanks!

  5. How should I decorate my appartment?

    Me and my boy friend are moving together and I cant wait to decorate the appartment but I need some help finding things. I had an old Delias magazine and it had a sexy bed spread that was in a peacock print that was dark purple and bright blue and they had a sheer dark purble fabric hanging around the bed my boyfriend and I both love this look but the bedspread is no longer for sale I need help finding something it dosnt have to be a peacock print but just something sexy, young and romantic. Then for the living room there is hard wood floors and the wall paper is like a dark blue and white pattern which I like alot but I need some help on how to decorate like what colors I should use what color sofa, what kind of lamps, what kind of art stuff like that. So please if you guys will give me somewebsites or just ideas from your head. Remeber this is an appartment so I cant change the wall paper and things.

  6. What is your best decorating idea using 'junk'?

    The question is 'Using' as in utilizing junk...not how do I store or organize junk. :) For instance...reusing a broken fan, or an old desk, or kids toys. Vudu...thanks. I live in a third world country and it is difficult to find items that are necessary, much less the extras- hence the ?. I like the 'lazy susan/desk' idea.

  7. What would be a good job for a 14 year old girl?

    Her interests include photography, fashion, design, babysitting, art, track and cross country. Besides babysitting, what would be a job that would earn her some money?

  8. What are some good activites that deal with plants for 5-8 year olds?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  9. Any ideas I can redo my kitchen for cheap?

    I'm very hands-on and crafty. I want to paint my kitchen, do something with my floors, my counters, my cabinets, EVERYTHING!! I hate the way it is now!! But I only have a few hundred to work with. Plz help!

  10. Why are Sunday trading laws being shelved for the Olympics?

    My Uncle Bob says it is 'to suck up to Israel and keep then onside for the invasion of Iran'. He says that their special day is Saturday, and it will please them if we stop Sunday being different, and ultimately make Saturday into a sabbath. Is there truth in this?

  11. How to create a good ambiance in a room.?

    A room with a personality and cheers you up

  12. Does anyone know of a good website with craft ideas to sell at craft fairs?

    im not looking to make anything to heavily complicated, or does anyone have any suggestions for things that sell well at craft fairs?im a 21yr old female from the usa

  13. Christmas Traditions-Where did we get the traditions of Christmas from?

    Free gifts, tons of parties, good will and merriment abound, festive lights decorating everything... It's a beautiful holiday. But where did all those Christmas traditions come from? Who came up with the idea to string lights on almost everything? Why do we give presents? Why do we chop down Christmas trees?