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Zen Garden Design Photos Questions Answered!

  1. Do you know of any tropical gardening resources?

    I am looking for information regarding the background and origins of the "tropical gardening" style for a garden design course that I am doing. There is a lot of information available regarding Zen Gardens, English Country Gardens, Cottage Gardens, etc but very little about the background and history of tropical gardens. Can anyone suggest any helpful resources that could assist me with finding answers? Thanks in advance!

  2. How can I improve my website without getting too fancy?

    I am a professional musician. I have created a website to futher market myself: www.kevin212.com I have a strong working knowledge of web technology. I am definitely NOT a talented programmer by any means. But I can read and write raw HTML and I understand the more serious components such as ASP, Active-X, etc.. Im actually pretty happy that I use only HTML on my website as it keeps the site fairly lean, and other than the "Photos" page, the pages load quickly. My question is: If you take a moment to look at the page (www.kevin212.com), how could improve the website? I don't want to go TOO nuts, but if there are things I can do with ASP or similar tools that go a step beyond HTML I would appreciate any suggestions. Even if the suggestions are only design / layout related. I have had a few people review the site for me, and the feedback has been good. I'm just looking to really "polish it off" before going live. Thanks for taking the time to read this LONG question! : - ) Kevin

  3. jewelry display with design idea?

    so boring with jewelry display that's all the same everywhere. Want to know where others display can be?

  4. Any Bedroom design ideas?

    so do you have any ideas?....our house is in Zen style, and we want the interior to be compatible as well!.... this is my bedroom Photo URL:http://photos-p.friendster.com/photos/71/84/80774817/1_306813386l.jpg http://photos-p.friendster.com/photos/71/84/80774817/1_298986134l.jpg thanks in advance!

  5. Shadow Box Coffee Table Ideas?

    My boyfriend and I are both creative people. I am a graduate of a fine arts school and my boyfriend is a tattoo artist. We are always doing projects together, we are purchasing our first home. We recently purchased a very large coffee table from Craigslist and we have now repainted it and cleaned it up. However we are lost as to what we should do with the center of the table. It's a shadow box coffee table that has a black felted background. The top is a nice piece of bevelled glass. We would like to do something interesting in the shadow box that is NOT tacky (i.e. sea shells, dried flowers, etc..) We have a 16 month old son and there are photos of him everywhere, so we have ruled out doing the photo thing. Anyone have any unique ideas? Thanks!!

  6. what color should I paint my room if my bath next to it is a dark green and hall is a yellowish?

    I just bought a condo. I'm 28 years old and don't really know anything about home decorations...or complimentary paint colors for that matter. My guest bedroom is a lilac color currently and as a guy that's not really my cup of tea. It's a study and the hallway and guest bath is yellowish and dark greenish respectively. Any good color suggestions? Well contemporary probably, haven't thought about overall style too much. The yellow in the hall extends into the family room and although I had my apprehensions with it first, it's turning out to be a nice color to wake up to in the mornings and goes well with paintings I have too. I was thinking about a tan or light blue color for the study, tan for neutrality and light blue as I heard it might invoke inspiration? But my master bed and bath is a darker blue color so may not want to perpetuate a blue theme throughout the condo. The window sills/trim are white and the carpet is an off white color. I do admit that the dark green bath probably needs to go though.