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Small Zen Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. Please help with bullet point image in CSS?

    I am working on a Zen Garden web design project and I am trying to format a bullet point image to be smaller. The image I want to be the bullet point is showing up but it is enormous and takes over the whole page. Should I go into Photoshop and change the image itself or is there a way that I can indicate the width in the css formatting. Thanks!

  2. Best way to set up a Zen Garden?

    ok, so my step dad got me a little table top zen garden (3" by almost 10"). i put the sand in it, raked it, and sat the rocks on top of the sand. i know in a normal zen garden you take the rake and go around the rocks, but the rake is to big for that. is there a certin place i should put the rocks? i have 7 small (but not really small) rocks and i dont have to put all of them in it.

  3. why do people enjoy zen gardens?

    I just got one for my desk, kind of a small one with 7 rocks, and a decent amount of sand in a rectangle box. what should i do with it, to enjoy it? is just waking the sand enough?

  4. Looking For Web Design Software?

    I want to start small with a generally static site that I update regularly. I want to eventually if the site becomes popular enough start things like forums and maybe web chat and I realize I'll need a lot for that. Now however I want something that is free and is user friendly to novices but preferably can handle an intermediate level as well.