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Zen Garden Design Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do you make a zen garden?

    What exactly is a zen garden? What is its purpose? How do you make one? What tools are needed?

  2. How do I start participating CSS Zen Garden Project?

    I am interested to participate but I don't know how. I have some knowledge in CSS but I really want to find step by step instructions on creating the garden. Can anybody point me to the right resources?

  3. What is the best web coding language for a non-Engineer to learn?

    I am a non-programmer with lots of internet business ideas and I want to learn an easy language to play around and make websites in. What's the best language/tools to learn to get started making websites real quick? And what resources/books/sites do you recommend?

  4. What should i get my mother for her birthday tomorrow?

    She is turning 46. is a Realtor. Lives in an outdoor mountain town, has a boyfriend. likes to meditate. and does not like things that clutter up her house. Also, its Sunday and i cant go to the bank until tomorrow. so right now i only have 10 bucks, but i am willing to spend $100 on her

  5. How can you use Photoshop and CSS together?

    I've been doing nice looking sites using only Photoshop slicing, and Dreamweaver tables. What can I do with css? Does anyone know of any good tutorials? I want to place a Nav bar at the top of my screen that adjusts with the screen resolution no matter what. But I want to design everything in photoshop basically so it looks pro. Any nice sites you have links for done all in CSS would be nice. Your not really answering what I mean I mean as far as plaing pictures for a site done totally in photoshop.

  6. Do you know any ispirational website for CSS designs?

    Or filled with examples, I need some example just to pop up some ideas :P

  7. what are some ideas to design a room?

    i wanna design my room, what colors should i get and what sheets and what furniture? i'm sorry that i am asking for so much, thanks, i am 15 years old

  8. how do you make a css document?

    how do you start a css document?

  9. How useful is CSS? I know how to use Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop?

    I've done minor XHTML but never touched CCS and want to know the main reason too because some of the sites I've done look better then a lot of sites using it because I'm also an artist but I need to know how am I limiting myself in actual practice? I've been either designing all Flash Sites or HTML sites done in Photoshop and sliced up in Image Ready. I guess I always thought CSS would be more useful for a corporate website but not entertainment.

  10. how would you decorate a bedrrom for a teenage girl?

    i am a ttenage girl and my room is 10 ft 8 1/2 inches by 9ft 7 1/2 inches with a little square that is 2ft 4 inches by 2ft 8 inches which is where my window is (it looks like a big rectangle with a square on the outside of it thats connected to it) please help me

  11. modern gardening design!?

    I am looking for sites on the Internet about modern gardening preferably with pictures. I have a really small garden and would like to keep it simple and clean. Any ideas? Thank you!

  12. Can someone help me design a room?

    Im a interior designer in training and need a room redo can i have good paint colors, homemade ideas, and furniture ideas pictures of any of that plus rooms would rock thanks email me at caprixsun@yahoo.com