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Herb Garden Design Plants Questions Answered!

  1. Do plants absorb poison from ant killer?

    I have an herb garden and someone, without my knowledge, put ant killer on an ant hill near my plants. Is it possible that my herbs will absorb the poison and become inedible?

  2. How to design an Herb Garden?

    What is the best way to design a herb garden?

  3. How can I plant a yard I can eat from instead of mowing?

    I am old and hate to mow, I don't want my yard to look like a mess or with rows of food plants. I'd like it to be pretty, fairly low maintenance, affordable and with lots of edible things or fragrant things that don't have to be planted every year and no grass at all. I live in town in central USA, but have a fair amount of yard with good soil.

  4. What kind of plants can live in a pH level of 8.3. ?

    What kind of plants can live in the pH levels of 8.3.Plants have to be like foods and flowers. Please No Water plants

  5. What is the best season (time of year) to plant trees?

    I live in central PA. We are building a home on about 2 acres... which is plenty of room to have trees. We are excited to have many trees and shrubs, along with a flower garden on our property. What is the best temperature and soil conditions for planting trees? We are most likely going to choose a variety of shade, evergreen, and flowering trees. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

  6. Can I use old vitamins to make garden fertilizer?

    I have expired multivitamin/mineral supplements. Could they be put in some kind of brew to put on the garden?

  7. what types of veggies/herbs grow well together?

    i heard of some type of gardening where they pair two/or however many they want that grow well together of veggies. but i cant remember what ones grow well together. has anyone heard of this type of gardening? and know what veggie plants go well together?