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Raised Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. What are the features of a Tudor Garden?

    I need some basic features for a Tudor period garden for history, please answer quickly! I also have to explain why Hardwick Hall has these features. Thank you!

  2. What are ACTUAL work at home jobs that arent SCAMS?

    I am now raising a two year old grandson, who has so many disorders, child care is hard to find outside the home. I would love to have a job at home that is legitimate that can provide additional family income! Any Suggestions?

  3. Starting a Garden..for beginners.?

    I want to start a simple garden. Just to see if it might be something I can keep up with and enjoy. What is a good vegetable or fruit to start with and good advice on when, where, and how to plant.

  4. Does anyone have a composting toilet?

    If so, which brand, and how does it perform? As promised? What is the estimated expense for use? What about odor control? As promised? Thanks.

  5. herb garden/ or fruit garden?

    hey i want to make a garden.. preferably herb.. or a fruit or both... can those two things be planted together in one garden.. i live in massachusetts in newengland so can i even plant those here,,, i need all the details on waht to plant.. where.. when to water and how to take care of .. please help

  6. Should we tax grass lawns?

    Useless lawn grass is one of America's biggest crops, consuming vast resources and labor to maintain. The origin of lawns is well known: a display of wealth, to show the landowner did not have to grow food there. If we taxed lawns it would encourage people to grow food instead of useless grass. This would improve the sustainability of the average household, lessen our dependence on foreign imports of food, oil, etc, and properly designed food gardens use a whole lot less water than grass. It would even cut down on pollution.

  7. What is Copley Square?

    I need to know everything you know about Copley Square in Boston... thanks

  8. future Garden help? why does this HAVE to be 20 characters long?

    ok so im a junior in high school and i really want a garden. I know that they are hard to manage and take a long time to maintain but i love gardening. but I have a little problem... ok so first of all the soil is, please excuse me, but, well, crap. its all shale and hardly dirt. i live in the country (in the woods actually) in New Jersey (Northern New Jersey is really beautiful, a lot of it is country and farms, it is not all industry and factories!) so there are A LOT of deer, and gophers, and chipmunks and all little critters that eat your plants. Also i just want a small pretty garden with herbs and veggies and flowers. kind of an old school garden. My dream garden is a beautiful knot garden. but i think i will hold off on that until i get my own place and enough time to care for it. ok so i just want to know what plants to plant and how to protect my garden. oh and also plants that are low maintenance but look really nice! thanks so much! i really appreciate your help!

  9. Would you ever plant vegetables in your FRONT garden?

    I had a neighbour, some years ago, who planted cabbages in his border where most of his neighbours had rose bushes, calendula and red hot pokers etc. I recently moved house and now have no back garden but, at the front, I have a large garden one side of the path - mostly lawn with a wide border around all four sides and a flower bed the other side of the path so am wondering about doing what he did with my border. Would you think it stupid to do that if everyone around me has flowers and shrubs? I'm thinking of a tomato plant on each corner nearest the house, with lettuces in the space between those. Then down the 2 long sides have a few cabbages, chives and some onions. On the bottom end, which is deeper I'd like a few potato plants. I would leave the lawn as it is. It has two squares cut out (evenly spaced) which each have a small conifer in them. I might change them to rose bushes but think I'll wait to see how it all looks this year before changing absolutely everything. Beyond the patch where I want the potatoes is quite a large concrete flat section where I could have quite a number of containers with flowers in. That might make the view from the road look a little more 'normal. What do you think. Am I mad like my daughter-in-law thinks? I think that I should add that I am in the U.K. where we are often not blessed with a lot of sunshine so that limits the type of things I can grow. I want to do this on a small scale just using the border this year but, if successful I might take up all or part of the lawn another year. I'll play it by ear. It's interesting to read which plants are good next to others to protect them. I'd heard before that onions protect carrots from carrot fly and that carrots return the favour but I had not heard about certain flowers doing the same. That sounds really good and will add colour to the whole thing. Thanks for the answer so far - all helpful.

  10. I need a FUN and INEXPENSIVE hobby that I can do on my days off.....?

    i was looking for s good craft project that I might could sell for a little extra money.....Sorry I should have been more specific....

  11. The Gros Ventre??Help On My Native Studies Please?

    i have to do a thing on the gros ventre tribes diet i know that they eat buffalo, deer, elk, puppies (i want to know what kind?) rhubarb berries and eggs and they dont eat fish. i need help knowing how these might be cooked and what seasons they were hunted? or even just the seasons cause i think i got an idea how they prepared there food :) Thanks

  12. What might be a good estimate for the cost of this landscaping (photos)?

    Before you delve into my text wall, if you have no idea what it could cost based on my info, but know a good place to ask (landscaping website or other source), then just posting that as an answer is helpful too! --- My parents have bought a new-built home, and there is no yard and fencing. My dad is the type to look for the cheapest option for a yard, as long as he has a place to grill. My mom wants an Asia-themed garden, with Feng Shui and Zen elements. Since I'm in school for design (not landscaping design, but... doesn't make much of a difference to my parents), they asked me to put together a concept for the back yard. I threw something together in Sketchup: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b101/pua_wahine/LandscapeSnap.png http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b101/pua_wahine/LandscapeSnap5.png http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b101/pua_wahine/LandscapeSnap4.png http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b101/pua_wahine/LandscapeSnap2.png http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b101/pua_wahine/LandscapeSnap7.png The house faces north. I have the back elevated section with a retaining wall because the surrounding properties and part of our southwest corner are about that height, the same height of our basement that is visible above ground; this would be level with the first floor. The hardscaping and steps could be concrete - doesn't have to be too fancy. The retaining wall as well can be simple cinderblock; we can stucco that later. The green area around that with the plants, and at the side of the garage could be gravel/pebbles or a groundcover such as moss - I'm leaning more towards pebbles because moss likely wouldn't do well in our climate unless we maintain it well (hadiness zone 6/7, extremely dry and hot summers). The plants along the retaining wall I plan to be blue rug juniper, and the tree a Japanese maple. At the side of the house, by the garage, we'd like bamboo. There will be other plants, but the maple, bamboo and juniper are the only specific plants we're looking at. The whole rest of the back yard would be sod (back yard on east side stops at the corner of the south wall). Other elements, such as the pergola, fire pit, furniture etc would come later and are not considered in part of the cost at the moment. As far as dimensions, the height of the retaining wall would be 3 ft. The distance from the south wall (kitchen wall, w/ back door) to the fence is 40 ft; the south wall that sticks out extends 4 ft. The length from the west fence to the east fence (to corner of house) would be 60ft. The dimensions of the elevated section specifically would be 40' north to south, 45' east to west. I realize the 3D model is a little off on proportions but it's just for a visual to get the general idea of the design. Forgot to add location to help decipher costs! We're in Utah County, Utah, closer to the lake. Lehi/Saratoga Springs/American Fork area.