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Container Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. which are the best herbs to plant to start a herb garden?

    i have a medium sized yard, and loads of wall containers, but i'm not sure which ones to start with.

  2. I am new to growing vegetables and would like to know?

    I have three tomatoe plants and one jalapeno plant growing in containers. They are all growing fast and tall, but are producing very little tomatoes and jalapenos. Should I prune these plants in hopes of them producing more? Any other tips you could give me would be helpful as well. Thank you.

  3. how to grow a garden in my kitchen?

    I want to know what vegetables and herbs I can grow year round in my kitchen. I want to learn how to grow an inside garden.

  4. Can I grow fruits or vegetables at a low cost on my apartment's patio?

    It is approximately 3 feet by 6 are there any particular types you would reccoment??

  5. How to start a vegetable garden?

    How do I start a vegetable garden?

  6. Can i just dig a part of my garden over?

    Then what do i do after weeding the soil? i want to grow carrots, peppers, spring onions, lettice, radish, sweet peas, strawberrys and raspberrys. HELP i am learning. Do i need to do anymore to the soil? What other items would i need?

  7. How do I use my EarthBox gardening kit?

    I got it as a present, and I don't know how to start using it. : )

  8. I really want to start a garden but I have a fear of snakes..?

    Anything I can possibly do to keep them out? I am terrified of them and there is a natural stone wall in my backyard that my mom saw a snake go.. so they are around. Can fruits and veggies grow indoors or perhaps on a raised porch/balcony? (or can snakes travel up there?) I had a tomato plant in a pot and he didn't do too well, but what abould lettuce, scallions, or berries?

  9. how do i take the smell of cigaretts out of a appartment?

    we tried scrubbing the walls with pinsol and the mopping the carpets but still it doesn't work and my sister inlaw is fixing to have her baby !!! what do u recommend?....please help

  10. about planting a healthy garden?

    I wanted to plant a garden in my yard this summer. Just some flowers and maybe some really easy vegetables. Does anyone know how i should go about doing this? What kind of soil should i get, and what kinds of fertilizer? What area of the yard? How large of an area? When is the best time to start planting?