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Small Herb Garden Design Questions Answered!

  1. what herbs or edible flowers are good to plant in a container with tomatoes?

    I'm trying to design a vegetable garden in containers, and would like to know what herbs/edible flowers would not overwhelm smaller varieties of tomatoes, squash, etc.

  2. How to design a great 12' x 12' garden in my backyard in the middle of the city?

    There is ample sunlight. Some shade some direct... What steps should I take to make it near perfect for growing small batches of vegetables within the 12" by 12" space? Thank you for the step by step detailed information... Tom

  3. What are some good plants to keep in a college dorm room?

    Just as the title states, I'm looking for some plants to keep in my college dorm. Keep in mind I'm a guy. I just want something to spread a little more oxygen around and have a change a pace, but not get the false picture I swing the "other way." Haha, thanks!

  4. What are some needs that I could fill to start a business?

    I am going to start a business. What are some needs that I could fill? Any advice? Please answer. Thank you.

  5. What to remember when you are a gardener?

    I mean I got sense of belonging in the meaning of my surname and it means gardener I want an in depth meaning of gardener cause I want a simple life now and then. Thanks!

  6. how do I decide what business to start, now that I've raised some little capital?

    I want to do some part time small business, and continue at my formal job.

  7. First time gardener - I need suggestions to decorate my space!?

    I have a 46' x 20' space that my husband and I recently fenced in for our little puppy. Here's my question - what sorts of plants can I plant to add some character and color to the space? I'm not really going for any sort of theme (...or am I?). Anyways, I live in Pennsylvania, which is a Zone 5 area, and the yard gets a fair a mount of sun during the day. Also, because I'm a novice gardener, I think I would do a lot better with a perennial. Any suggestions on the plants/flowers? Also, what do you think about me planting a climbing-type vine to cover up the yucky chain-link fence? Or would a hedge do better for that? Thanks!